Christmas: It's the final countdown.

At the last minute Ben and I decided not to spend our $ on the Jingle Bell Run, but just do a run together instead.  It was a stormy, cold morning, but by the end of the 10k it was sunny and almost 60 and we were getting hot!  At least Ben got some Santa beanie time for the year.  Sadly, I forgot my Santa hat for our trip up north.  :(
My all time favorite weekend is the one right before Christmas when the mall is in pure madness (Super Saturday!)!  We usually go to the big mall and finish up odds and ends and enjoy the holiday insanity.

In years past we have brought black garbage bags to conceal the store bags we each are carrying.  We divide the mall and each take half, switching at a certain time.  It's fun and allows us to shop together but oh so secretly for a time.  Being at the mall gets you feeling festive for the time of year.
Ben required like for freaking ever to wrap his gifts for me, in the kitchen, and finally he let me out there to where I saw these perfume samples chillin':
"Boo,...did you go Sephora??"

"..... no.   DANNNNGIT!!!"  Hahaha (Wahoo!!)

Ben wrapped presents in individual letter sized sheets of Porsche printed paper:
We sent Elder Hales a Christmas package (I suspect he got a ton of use out of the Christmas socks haha [If not I'm totally offended...]).
We had to stick around here for our Sunday sacrament meeting before heading up to Utah because of the Christmas stuff to which I wore my Christmas skirt.  I really wanted to wear a dark green top, but I felt that would be cheesy...
Little did Rykar know the excitement that was going to be the next couple of weeks in Utah with his cousins.
And asleep.
Santa came early for the pup.
And finally time to hit the road.  9.5 hours to Provo we go.
Anyyyyways, the drive went smoothly and the weather was the best weather we've encountered on a Christmas trip up north.  We hit a blizzard about the last 1/2 hour driving up, but that's all the snow we drove in the entire trip.  This is the day after the blizzard (that's our car parked next to the fire hydrant lol):
Getting use out of my fluffy winter boots.
The storm pushed out the haze and it was really beautiful for a few days, including Christmas day!!  This is the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple:
My mom plays the piano for a theater, so we all went to the Christmas show together to see her in action.  (She really married an awesome guy!)
Randomly, my brother and Spencer were pulled up on stage and dressed as Christmas trees.
I spilled our neighboring table's basket of popcorn.  Yay.
This is the guy from X96 (below):
The most insane place we could go on Christmas Eve Eve was Costco.
These are my sister's Italian Greyhounds, Comet, and Savvy Max Doggy Dog.  It was a doggy party.
Christmas Eve morning was absolutely beautiful when the storm moved out!
Christmas Eve is the Hales family get together/ traditions at my dad's house, so this year we rode the train from Provo to Layton.  It was awesome fun and freeeeeezing when the train was 18 minutes late, but look how pretty it was outside.  The sky is so blue.
Love my dad and my gpa.
Christmas Eve night we spent back with my mom doing more traditions (like Bingo, LCR!!, trivia games, etc.).  So I told you about LCR a year ago (still the most fun game EVER), but the trivia game was pretty fun, so here goes...

My mom had a list of trivia questions (Who was on the cover of Time Magazine on this month/year?  Name three of the top ten most notorious serial killers.  [I totally got that one using my brain.]  Who was the most paid actress in year...etc.) and we all could use any means to get to the answer!  Ben had his iPad, James was asking his Android, Jolie was asking Siri on her iPhone, and I was using Swype on my Android.  

It was pretty funny because my mom would say the question and James would lean over in one direction and talk into his phone, Jo would do the same but in the other direction, and Ben and I would type away as fast as possible.  I hate to say it (actually love), but Swype kicked trash.

When you get the answer, you hit your clicker (you each have a electronic clicker that registers on the computer screen in order), or put a bell in the center of the table and you ring that.  Fun.

For most of us anyway.
It's easy to see why Christmas is our ultimate favorite time of year.
Goodnight Christmas Eve.

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  1. What great photos! As always, I just love your family the closeness you all share. The pups are so spoiled and so cute! You and your hubby are so good together and always having fun and living life as it should be! LOVE IT!