Flashback Friday

I recently discovered boxes with dvds /cds that were back ups of old computers.  It sure is fun to look back at some of the files and pictures.  [Well ...fun for me.  Possibly boring for some of you.  :P  ]


Rykar was born in 2003 right after my highschool graduation.  Even though we had never had a dog, I announced to my dad that I was going to bring one home!  My dad was like, "well.. okay!"  

My two younger brothers still lived in the family home (where I lived throughout college) so Rykar became the family dog.  Best decision ever.  Also, our next door neighbors took in his only surviving sibling, Jake, so they grew up together.  [Pointless fact:  Jake was also the name of the owner of Kaiya (sp?), the mommy Iggy.]

We did a short stint in Spokane, Washington, but these pics below I believe are from our Kansas days, where my dad did his residency.

We moved to Layton, Utah, in the late 80s and put down the roots.  Layton is my "home town."  We moved again in 1998, but only about five minutes away.

Sharlee (super blonde on the right) and I became best friends at age 4 and even cheered together maaaany years later.

Dallin came along in 1994 and I loved him and took care for him as if he was my own child.  He was freaking cute.  I want a kid just like Dallin.
That's definitely not all, but that's all for now!

Have a happy Friday!!!

P.F. Changs in 2!!


  1. love the pictures!!! soo many great memories :)

  2. What fun photos! I love discovering pictures from when I was younger too :)

  3. So fun to see cute old pictures. The picture taken with you in the yellow dress was in Spokane. Wow, So long ago! :)

  4. Great pictures!! Those were fun times.

  5. Great memories that you can cherish forever! I love looking at old photos but always hate the way that I look.