Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

On Christmas morning we got to Skype with Elder Hales!!  (He gets to Skype home on Mother's Day and Christmas Days each year.)

He is doing great and just passed 11 months which means we are weeks from starting his countdown!!

Sometime during this second year of his mission, I'm sure he will be biking down the streets to see a gray Honda driving near, with an adorable Italian Greyhound hangin' out of it, that looks exactly like his Italian Greyhound...
Comet and Savvy looked dapper in their Christmas ties.  Comet is almost a Whippet in size.
Ignore the dates...it was Christmas Day.  My mom's camera must be on a different time schedule.  (All these pics came from four cameras.)

Christmas morning was pretty quiet with us six.  I really soak up these family days of little chaos because since that's what I'm used to, the contrary stresses me to the max.  I think we slept in until 9.  :]

One IMPORTANT thing to note was that we really missed having our present distributor, Dallin.  He has been the present distributor since like age two.  (He also used to count the presents and cry when he didn't have the most. LOL)
The traditional Christmas morning picture on the stairs.  Going strong.
Ben got some new Kinvaras (the blue pair).  He's turning into me.
I got a sweet foot massage (and some new shoes of course!!).
The second half of Christmas Day we spent with my dad and his new family.  His wifey and four step-kids live with him in our childhood home [and our bedrooms...crazy], so it was quite a change.

It was kind of a sad realization that we all are really creating our own life stories at this point, but it is wonderful to see my dad so very happy and to see him not living in an empty building of a house.  He deserves to be happy!

It was also fun to get to know our step siblings and Laura a little bit more and play some good ole family volleyball.
Where's my bed??...
Then it was my mom's side family Christmas party.  This is the one time we get to see most everybody each year so I try to always fit it into our crazy holiday vacation schedule (sometimes much harder than I expect it to be!).
Lovely cell phone quality images below.  (You'll be glad to know I found my disappeared Canon Powershot a week ago.  The indestructibility lives on!)
We all played Ski-Ball, like 25 games each, and now I think we should buy one for our house. Jolie kept winning.  Then I realized she had 10 balls and I had a 6.  Pssshhh.
Next stops we made were the rounds up to Logan to see Ben's family and our week old nephew!  Logan is VERY COLD this time of year. Maybe not as cold now that everybody went through the whole Polar Vortex stuff, but still freaking freezing.
Eventually we wandered back to home base, then all ventured to this really cool place in Provo called Riverwoods, or something.  It was really cute.
We waited 90 minutes to be seated at Happy Sumo at 9:45pm.  Worth it.  We vow to eat here every Utah trip!  It is so delish.  This was the one in Provo (obviously).
Favs:  Mango Mama, Vegas, Rock 'n Roll
It was then time to head back home, but not before one last (hazy) drive by Mount Timp Temple pic.  So long, Utah!
On the road again.  Anybody use Waze?
Christmas was almost three weeks ago and now it feels so long ago.  I miss it!!  Hopefully everybody had a fabulous holiday season.  

Happy January.


  1. Looks like you had a very busy and fun Christmas!!

  2. How did you get the picture like that? That is pretty cool!!