Year 2013!

Happy New Year!!!  We are still alive over here, although a couple of times I thought I was going to die of exhaustion.  Christmas was so wonderful and soooo busy.  I hope it was just wonderful for all our friends, family, and so on.

But first...2013...looking back:

My youngest brother, Dallin, had his mission farewell in January, and left Feb. 6th for Tucson, Arizona.  He is doing GREAT and is nearing 11 months already!  (And by already I mean blah, 13 months left.)

Ben ran the Arizona Spartan Sprint in February, while I sat next to the fire missing my own 8am heat, because it was REALLY COLD.  He finished 40th out of 5635!

In March my brother, James/Jimmy came to visit Arizona for the first time:

In March I also took one of a couple works trips up to Utah, conveniently seeing my wonderful fam and eating at Happy Sumo!

In April we closed on our first home, after months of short sale negotiation:

In April we removed a lot of wall paper and painted a majority of the home.  It was basically a ginormous project, but we jammed out and had fun.

In April we ran (and sloshed through) the SLC marathon and 1/2 with my family:

In April I went brunette for the first time in almost 10 years (or something like that):

In April we continued to paint and work on the house.  It took six weeks to do before we moved into it.

By early May the home was transforming into ours and we were packing to move:

In May we were able to Skye with Elder Hales, on Mother's Day!

In May we painted the yellow master bedroom and finished up the house:

On May 18th we moved from Desert Ridge to our new home!:

In June I participated in Juneathon, a 30 day running+blogging streak.  The hottest I ran in was 118 degrees!:

In June I flew up to Utah for work again, and drove to visit my gpa:

In June my dad and I road tripped a bunch of stuff down to Arizona, including my puppy.  He officially became an Arizonian too!!

In June while my dad visited, we ran the Scottsdale Beat the Heat 5k in 107 degrees!

In June we ran a 10k at high elevation in Flagstaff.  [This pic is terrible.]:

In July my dad got engaged:

In July we went to Lake Powell with my mom's side of the fam:

In July we went to the Buhr family reunion in the Colorado mountains:

The first weekend in August we celebrated Ben's birthday which was July 29th:

In August we hiked Squaw Peak for the first time:

In August Rykar had his first experience with the cone.  :(

In September we went to Disneyland and ran the Disney Dumbo Double Dare with the family, (basically my dad's bachelor party):
The 10k was one day, and the 1/2 marathon the next day which was my birthday and SO fun.

In September my sister left her career at Disney for another job offer:
(I totally stole this pic)

In September we celebrated my mom's birthday!:

In September my dad and Laura got married!:

In late September I started dealing with a unique injury due to my "peroneus longus and bicep femoris muscles," which meet at the knee and cause knee pain (the things I have learned by running):

In October my cute mom came for a visit:

In October we went and visited my mother-in-law, in the mountains:

In October I cut my hair the shortest it has ever been, and we LOVED it:

In October we went to the Phoenix Zombie Walk for Halloween (Ryke wasn't fazed):

In November we got our first big Christmas tree since being married:

In November we hit 3 years of marriage!!:

In November we went to Vegas and had an anniversary celebration!:

In November my dad resigned from the Mormon Tabernacle choir after 14 years (4 years's 20 years or until you hit age 60), so he could spend time with his new wife:
I never actually blogged this because I'm behind.  Below is the Olympics:
Below:  In his words, "When we traveled, we took eleven buses, two semi-trailers and a bunch of other vehicles."
Below:  Recording session
Below:  His last broadcast

In November we went to Thatcher to celebrate Thanksgiving with family:

In December I was overly obsessed with Christmas and we had holiday everything!  I cannot express how sad I am that it is over!  But it was so fun.

In December we Skyped with Elder Hales!!:

In December we had a wonderful Christmas in northern Utah (more to come soon):

That was fun.

Here's to 2014!!


  1. Love this review, you had a great year with many big milestones. Can't wait to see what 2014 will hold for you ;-)

  2. What a great year! I just love how you value your family! Happy New Year and best wishes to you and your family in 2014!

  3. How fun! I'm going to copy you and make a post like this :)

  4. Wow!!!! YOUR year has been full and fun! I KNEW your dad looked familiar and couldn't place it. Thank you for making it all clear now. Happy New Year to your cute little family.