Fly-By February

If you recall, I set running goals for the year, to run from Phoenix to SLC in distance.  I ended January with 55 miles, 5 miles less than my monthly goal.  Yeah!  haha

It has been really hard to be motivated lately for a million reasons.  I think an injury hurts your mojo and I really miss pushing myself and not running at a snails pace.  We are running our next 1/2 on Saturday!
That being said, by end of January I made it to Wickenburg, where Selena Gomez was in rehab.
(My cute high heels runner was drawn by my cartoonist sister.)


The Gilbert, Arizona LDS Temple had its open house where anyone was invited to take a tour and see what the inside of our temples look like.  Dedication takes place this Sunday!
This is temple #4 in Arizona (I think), but #2 for the Phoenix area.  The Mesa temple has been the only one for the local area.  The other two temples are in Snowflake and Thatcher, AZ.

My sister, Jolie, and our friend slash fellow runner and investigator, Greg, drove out from Cali to see this one!  It was a gorgeous day (again), but they live in Cali sooo... nothing new for them, really.
Come the fall time there will be temple #5 in Arizona, the Phoenix, AZ Temple!  It is a smaller temple like the Thatcher temple.  Yay.
Since my sister was in town, it was another doggy party.  I get stressed when there are children running around our house.  Ben gets stressed when there are dogs.  We're a mess.  Look how freaking cute...


Randomly, Ben introduced me to the artist Gino Savarino, and we have been big fans over the years, so we bid on this beautiful piece below, and won.  We must be getting old because this was a serious highlight of our week.  It still smells like fresh paint and looks pretty much amazing.


I started this post a long time ago and talked about how excited I was for the Olympics that were almost here.  Well they not only came but sadly they have already gone which means 2.5 years until the next ones!  I was glued to them as usual.  My favorite moments:

Sweeping the podium in the men's slopestyle skiing:

Winning gold in ice dancing:

18 year old Mikaela Shiffrin winning gold on women's slalom:

Watching Gracie Gold:

However the Wagner chick drove me nuts:

I LOVE Noelle Pikus-Pace on the skeleton:

Watching Kaitlyn win gold on the half pipe:

Watching US win gold on skiing half pipe both men's/women's:

Along with winning slopestyle, watching bobsledding, speed skating (though we sure fell apart), downhill (LIGETY!), etc. etc.  I was certain Shaun White would get a medal, but sadly it wasn't meant to be.  That was a sad moment in time.  But all in all, I love the Olympics.

That's all for now.  I hope you are having a wonderful almost spring time.  We have been 10-15 degrees above average here which has allowed for some time out enjoying the sun on our new lounge chairs.  Now if only the pool water would get warmer than 60 degrees...
Meanwhile if you have some spare time, my sister made this film a few years back while in film school, and it won a student Emmy.  It's pretty hilarious and called Latter Day Fake.  I recently re-discovered it.  The actors are awesome and some have been on the office if you recognize them ("Bishop Pope").

And my brother wrote a post and made a little video on SLC Marathon 2013...

While we're on a Youtube kick, my SLC Marathon 2012 video that I've posted an annoying amount of times...

K back to work, Kirk.

Phoenix in 5...

Until we meet again!

I think this is the longest blog break I have had in six years. Though there are reasons (like the Olympics! [minus men's halfpipe boo]), I hope to get back at it now.

My sweet grandpa Hales reunited with my sweet grandma over the past weekend.  He was so ready to see grandma and hasn't been the same since she passed away, including his health, which went downhill soon thereafter.  He knew his days on earth were limited but we didn't want to say goodbye.

Grandpa was ready to go home.  But we miss him so much!!!  He is the cutest grandpa ever!!!  I love you grandpa!!!

Heber Lee Hales Jr
Logan - Heber Lee Hales Jr. passed away on Friday Feb. 7, 2014 as a result of multiple medical problems.
Lee was born on July 7, 1928, in Logan. He was the 3rd of eight children of Heber Lee and Lais Vernon Hales.

Lee attended the public schools in Logan, graduating from Logan High in 1946. He was active in all sports while in high school. He joined the army in Aug. of 1946 and served with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After his military service he spent the next two summers fighting fires in the Salmon National Forest. He then worked summers on a large dry farm in the Gray's Lake area north of Soda Springs, Idaho. Matriculating at Utah State in 1949, he met and married the love of his life Barbara McGregor on Dec. 31, 1951. He always said the smartest thing he ever did was to marry Barbara. This marriage was later solemnized in the Logan Temple. They spent 58 very happy years together. Barbara was killed on Aug. 31, 2009, in a tragic car-pedestrian accident.

Lee graduated from Utah State in 1953 with a major in political science and a minor in economics. He was also a member of the USU tennis team and the SAE Fraternity. Upon graduation Lee took a job in the accounting department at Kennecott Copper in Salt Lake City. He later attended law school at the University of Utah, graduating in 1957. He obtained a clerkship position with the Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court, Roger I. McDonough. After finishing the clerkship, he took a position with California Bank as a trust officer in their Los Angeles office. Lee took and passed the California State Bar in 1959. The smog and crowded conditions in the Los Angeles area convinced Lee to move back to Utah. In November 1959 he secured a position with Thiokol Corporation. He remained with Thiokol for 30 years, retiring on April 1, 1990.

Lee determined that working for a defense contractor like Thiokol would be a short time experience. His love of the Logan area and his desire to stay in Logan to raise his family, however, made this his final career move. He started investing in real estate in Utah and Idaho, an activity that kept him busy until the turn of the century when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Already a Type 2 diabetic, he decided to liquidate his real estate holdings after this new diagnosis and help his wife Barbara in the business of buying and selling good books to wanting parents at near cost, without a profit motive. Barbara wanted to get good, wholesome books into as many homes as possible. This venture resulted in many miles traveled to book stores from Washington State to San Diego and points in between. Upon Barbara's death, Lee's daughter Tracine took over the book business with Lee's support until his passing.

Lee was active in the LDS Church, holding several positions during his lifetime. His testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel was strong. He felt, as others do, that the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ was the greatest single event to happen on this earth. His way is the only way man may be saved. He conquered death, so all could live again.

Lee and Barbara were strong supporters of Utah State University and the Big Blue Club. They established an annual scholarship in their name in the Education Department and were honored members of the Old Main Society. They also offered an annual scholarship through the Logan Schools Foundation to a deserving Logan High graduate that intended to attend USU.

Lee is preceded in death by his parents, his wife Barbara, a sister Imogen H. (Don) Wilkinson, and a brother Dr. Weston Vernon (Eva Dee) Hales. He is survived by 4 sisters and a brother: Frances H. (Grant) Andersen of Fair Oaks, Calif..; Marjorie H. (Jarrett) Anderson of Glendale, Calif.; Aldyth Ann H. (Dee) Stalder of Whitney, Idaho; Dorothy Jane H. (Don) Mayhew of Bothell, Wash.; and Clinton D. (Carol) Hales of Torrance, Calif. Lee had four children: Brad (Colleen), Brian (Laura), Tracine Parkinson (Robert), and Lezlee Monroe (John). He is also survived by 16 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.
Interment will be in the Logan Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, it is requested that contributions be made to the LDS Church's Perpetual Education Fund.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 at 11 a.m. at the...  Friends may call at the ward chapel on Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Interment will be in the Logan City Cemetery.


This was the weekend before my grandma was killed.  A family reunion of all things!  Look how happy they are together.
Until we meet again!!