A Big Year - 2014

This will be a really big and exciting year for us Hales-Buhrs.  I will take pictures, etc. soon, but I wanted to tell some of the facts.  I do miss the blogosphere a lot!  Gosh my blogbook is going to be pitiful if I keep this up.

Below:  This is our lil wiggly critter at 9-1/2 weeks.  "It" was bouncing around.  We also got to hear the heart beat again yesterday!

But a couple of stats:

  • I'm 14w3d, just in my 2nd trimester.

  • We found out on January 10th.

  • I have been sick for 2-1/2 months and I have never been so miserably grateful for it and the piece of mind.  My doctor is SO awesome and has me confident that soon I will not have to carry a bowl around with me.  Hoping...
Ben and I send each other pictures during the days.  He asked how I was doing.  haha

  • Ben and I think it's a boy, but we get a lot of people saying they think it's a girl.  We'll find out on 4/16 if baby cooperates, and have a gender reveal probably in Utah.

  • We already have names picked, 99% for the boy, and probably two names to narrow down for a girl.  We started a baby names list before we got married and it has come in handy.

  • Due date is Sept. 22nd, the last day of summer (but not really if you live in AZ)!

  • I haven't had meat along with many things, since January (it's a sad day when you realize Cafe Rio makes you want to lose it).  I can eat fruit/veggies, bland starchy carbs and cold desserts.  Poor Ben hasn't been able to cook in the house for awhile, nor eat meat, and my diet has mostly consisted of waffles since they are the only thing that helps the nausea (one in hand 24/7).  They have helped make my figure amazing though.  lol

Corn and a smoothie:

 Mushroom dinner:

Cinnamon toast and an avocado:


Breakfast of champions:

DELISH meal from a ward member!  The church has such wonderful people:

Seaweed and a popsicle (x 12):

From Ben:

And a meal highlight of my entire pregnancy,... pregnancy-approved sushi (OMG):

  • Yesterday I got some fitness-sad news from my doctor.  This is a low-risk pregnancy, but she strongly recommends I give up most running for the rest of the pregnancy, due to the risk of pre-term labor now that the baby is big enough to feel the impact, and being petite.  I was pretty discouraged but I will be listening to her and stick to CF.  Not taking chances.

  • We are excited and so grateful!  But I cannot stop worrying.  Something about getting pregnant yourself, brings out the horror stories and bad experiences from others!  Pregnancy is such a miracle.  We can only pray that all will be well.


Next big thing for my family is that my SISTER got engaged earlier this month, and will be married end of July!  It's kind of about time, because she and Spencer have been best friends for yeaaaaars, but long distance schooling made decisions tough.  He proposed on the 10th year anniversary of when they met.

Her ring is awesome.  The diamond is a heart.


THEN!! last but not least... ArIzOnA will be growing by one more family member, come this summer.  A job has been accepted, and we're basically stoked as.   Woot woot!
Have a fantastic Thursday!

Off to make more waffles...

If you haven't heard our news!...

We are extremely grateful and excited to announce that we're pregnant with our first lil Buhr!  We found out in early January and it has been such a surreal, scary, amazing, and incredibly peculiar journey thus far.

I got sick at week 6 and typical life came to a halt, including this lil blog [and the immediate publishing of my new running blog], but it has been an exciting time.

I hope to start feeling better in the next few weeks so I can get back at it [and eat something other than Eggo waffles].  Hoorah for working from home.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!