18 Weeks

My age:  29

How far along:  18w2d
Not a whole lot to see when I wear looser clothing (which is almost always).

How big is baby:  5-1/2 inches (green pepper in size)

What have you been up to:  I have been having a good day or two a week, sometimes REALLY good!  I'm still losing my cookies most days, but we did eat at Costa Vida so my food aversions seem to be lightening up.

Exercise/Activity Level:   Crossfitting and speed walking (which is actually quite exhausting).

Maternity clothes:  I bought a pair of maternity jean shorts that are pretty cute.  I have found some Ross' that carry maternity, which is awesome.

Stretch marks:  Not yet.  My mom didn't get any on her belly so I'm hoping my skin is stretchy too...  I have been rubbing baby oil gel, vitamin E, shea butter, etc., on daily.

Belly Button:  In

Sleep:   I'm weaning off Diclegis (80$ for a <month supply -- crazy!), but my sleep isn't very good anymore so I may start adding Unisom back in.  I read somewhere that I should avoid sleeping flat on my back now, but I can only sleep on my back because of my neck problems.  Anybody hear this?  I guess I should ask my doc.

Best Moment of the Week:   Our gender reveal family dinner at Happy Sumo!!  Also the SLC 1/2 Marathon with my family was a huge high point (recap coming).

Worst Moment of the Week:  Mornings and plane flights.  Also coming home from such a fun family-filled vacation is always sad once Monday morning hits.

Food cravings:   Pickled cucumbers and cheese?

Food aversions:   Anything smelly.

Symptoms:  I find I'm not able to do things as easily anymore (like jump a short fence haha).  My eyesight has changed that I need to visit the doctor for a [temporary?] new prescription.  Still throwing up and always nauseated, but we're getting there.  Bad skin.

Movement:  I don't think so?  Any day now!

Gender:  A baby BOY!!  He will be the first boy to carry on the Buhr name.

What I’m looking forward to:   Getting the nursery going!  Seeing if baby has mommy's or daddy's eyes, etc.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  The big scan next week where they get all the measurements, etc.  I pray all is well in the development.

What I miss:  This past week I really missed Monster energy drinks.  But mostly running!  After SLC and then watching the Boston Marathon on Monday (go Meb!), I am already planning my comeback and the purchase of a treadmill.

Next appointment:  4/30/14 Ultra Sound!!


  1. Awesome! This is great and I am so happy for you!

  2. I love that dress! And you should come shop at my work. ;)

  3. I think as long as you are comfortable sleeping on your back, sleep there.Once you get heavier you will switch anyway, because all the baby weight will be too much to sleep that way. you look great!!!

  4. I love maternity clothes- so comfy!! I would definitely ask your doc about the sleeping- they always told me I could only sleep on my left side because otherwise, baby's blood supply can be slowed down or even cut off (YIKES!!)