Baby's Gender Reveal

This is all over our FB right now, but for those who haven't yet heard!...
We found out the gender of our lil baby, and it's a boy!  He is no longer an it!  And it is so very real now.  So real, in fact, that we barely got any sleep the night after we cut the cake because we were pretty dang excited!

It was a little stressful making the whole gender reveal thing happen the same weekend as the SLC Marathon where we flew up to run with the fam.  My original doctor appointment wasn't for another week and the ultra sound tech refused to do the "big scan" a few days early because those days make a difference in lil baby's development.  Luckily my doctor is freaking awesome and said we'd make it work and just do a quick gender scan and leave the big scan for a couple of weeks later.

The tech turned off the screen while she searched out the gender.  Baby wasn't cooperating at first and he wouldn't uncross his legs, but eventually she got him to.  She put the ultrasound pictures and a note in an envelope, sealed it and handed it to me and I was on my way to wait for two+ days!
I posted the picture of the envelope online and everybody thought we were crazy for waiting, I was surprised!  It wasn't even hard to wait.  I guess since we originally didn't plan to find out until Friday, it was pretty easy to not be tempted.

We flew into SLC and first thing stopped by this awesome bakery/cafe downtown (250 S, 300 E), Gourmandise.  They rock and the manager knew what we were going for and took the envelope in the back to note the gender, resealed it and gave it back to us.  He'd have the cake done in 24 hours and at that point the suspense really built while we waited...
Friday, 4/18/14, the family all met at the race expo and then hit up Happy Sumo for some sushi and the big reveal.  It was just an amazing day/night, what more can I say!?
We all made guesses and most of us thought it was a boy.  Ben and I have always thought it was a boy and I even had a dream that he was.
A bonus is last summer we inherited a dozen big boxes of boy clothes, etc., from when Dallin was a baby, and most of them are still in pristine condition.  Looks like we will be using them.  :]
I remember when Elder Hales was Santa's Little Helper like it was yesterday.  [Now he's on a mission and currently serving in THATCHER!]
Seriously stop it.  Dying of mini human clothing cuteness.
This is the most surreal journey I think either Ben and I have been on.  So grateful to be going through it, especially together.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. I've seen it several times, but still reading this post gives me goose bumps. Love the way you both found out! And so awesome your doc played along with it. Being a parent is awesome and the little things in life have a whole new meaning!! So excited for both of you!

  2. So happy for you guys! Our oldest is a boy too and I love it!

  3. Congratulations on your little boy that will be arriving soon! I was hoping it would be a girl since you are such a shoe freak lol! I am so happy for both of you! Take care and keep us posted on your progress as well as your little boy.