Memorial Day Weekend - Surprising the Elder!

It is raining right now.  Awesome.

Over Memorial Day weekends we always move (last year, year before, year before that).  This year we had no moves in sight (wahoo!!) but we still put in some driving time to go out and see the lil nieces and surprise Elder Hales.
Nate and Becky (Ben's brother and sister in-law) invited the missionaries over for one of their famous dinners so we knew we'd probably be seeing my brother!  (Truth is that we also drove around the town looking for them earlier, but couldn't find them.)

We sat on the grass and could see the missionaries walking clear down the street towards us.  When they got close enough, Dallin was like, "No way!!  Oh my gosh.  RYKAR!!"  
Rykar's vision is becoming somewhat worse with his age (he's almost 11!!), but when he heard his name he knew.  Rykar is like the 5th child in our family.  If you've read this blog for a minute, you know that!!

If you are on a blog reader, go here for the video if it doesn't show up below:
In his letter yesterday:
"This past weekend.... I decided to talk to President Killpack about what he thought if my Sister and Bro-in-law visited....hmmm...juuuuuust in case they came down and 'ran into me.' Well, he said very plainly that he thought it would be okay. Our mission President is seriously awesome. Very inspired. 

Soo...we were over to my sister's in laws house who live in our stake and very close to our apt....and as we were walking up....I couldn't believe....I recognized a Honda Accord....a dude in a green shirt....and prego lady....and a little skinny dog. FAMILY!! Oh man, it was so awesome to see CB and awesome dog. I miss them and my family so much. They were very respectful in being around us, although, Ben, I'm going to pound you when I get home. I'm on reserve mode. Dinner was great with the Buhr's. SO AWESOME! I love those guys and it was great to see them. Some missionaries may get trunky, but it simply motivated me to work even harder! (no not to get you a car or boat - Ben) hehe."
My initial reaction was that he has filled out!  He is growing up and has been out for 1 year 4 months of his 2 years.  We are counting down until he moves to Phoenix.  We want as many Hales' in Phoenix as we can get.  :]

They also shared a message with us.  I will quote his letter again:
"The message we shared with them has been one that we've shared with a few families - the rare occasion we eat them families in the YSA. Elder Netane and I have been talking a lot about it, and families has come up more lately than ever in a period of time. Lessons we teach focus on families. Dinner apts. focus on families. It's crazy. Nephi went through crap and back with his family. And 30 years later after leaving Jerusalem, the first thing we have to read about his life was, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents..." it shows how valued families are in God's eyes. 

Man, I love my family. My comp. and I have both agreed that we have never felt so close to our families before in our lives, and yet we're far away. Only the gospel can do that. Pretty rad."
^^^Rykar misses him
We got to spend about two hours with them!  Elder Hales and his companion, Elder Natane, are the two in their zone that didn't get touched this transfer, so they are there at least until July.

Rykar had the best weekend of his life.  Worn out.
What a fun weekend.  

And I dream of having an adorably behaved baby like our lil six month old niece, Karli.  I took the cutest pictures, but I'm more cautious of posting other people's children on the world wide web these days.  Just in case, you know, those creepers out there... 

Have a nice rest of the week!

Five Things Friday

This week we took a look at the new Porsche Macan (MUH-CONN) at the dealer reveal.  It was pretty fun with fancy snacks, but also as we predicted, many filthy rich old men wearing Tommy Bahama Hawaiian clothes.  Haha they crack me up.
Some cute couple was like, "what color do you think it is?  I'm guessing red and he thinks black."
"I'm going to go with white!!"  -ME ;)
That same older couple at the table with us was all, "so do you guys own a Porsche?"  Ben and I were like..."haha ...not yet.  What about you?"  "Yeah we've got a couple."  <---They always own multiples and here Ben is dreaming of singular.  It was fun to see everybody drive to the unveiling event in their own Porsche.  [We parked in the back and walked.  Hey we really needed a car wash...]
^^^2 pictures of me that night.  Both identical.
We actually need a new car come late summer/fall, and we go back and forth between a small SUV or another sedan.  I still have my eyes on the X6 (or the new X4 if it'd ever come out...), the Evoque and the Macan.  We will probably buy another Honda.  You just can't go wrong with a Honda [in my eyes].  Poor Ben.

The car looked beautiful, but for a majority of the time everything was open and I had a hard time visualizing the exterior.
This is what it looks like...


Juneathon (running, blogging /logging each day) starts in 9 days.  Ben is all ready to omit sugar for the month and basically go Paleo.  While I can't run and heaven knows I can't cut sugar out (doin' the Dew), I have been thinking about still participating.

I am going to do some sort of squat challenge for the month and get my crossfit workouts in.  I haven't decided on the whole blog everyday thing, but I'd like to keep up and post about my pregnancy experience.
I will desperately miss running, but I'm excited to to be motivated as my stomach somehow finds a way to expand [much] further, and the weather finds a way to become [much] hotter.


We have been looking for a new L- desk for me for quite some time.  We found one on Craigslist and it was perfect!  It was in homeboy's garage and homeboy smelt a bit of cigarette smoke, but we didn't think a whole lot of it at the time.  Well we got it home and set it up and washed it and I sat down and realized that the desk had a bit of an odor itself.  *heart sink*
It has turned into a project (mostly for Ben, thanks baby) but we have decided to completely KILLZ seal and re-finish the desk and paint it to match the room.  It is not quite done, but it is going to be the most amazing desk.
The guy at Lowes told us to keep my pregnant self away from the KILLZ.


I mentioned I was un-swearing off caffeine consumption for now since you're allowed 200mg per day, which really seems like an absolute ton.  I need a pick-me-up beverage to look forward to having on the weekends, so we perused Wal-mart and I found a tasty looking Mountain Dew that we bought an entire case of.  It was blue/purple and looked nothing in comparison to a delectable Monster, but still delicious-like.
I looked forward to that beverage for some time and when I went to crack open my first can of Mtn Dew Voltage I saw it had ginseng in it.  Hmmm.  I don't know if I'm supposed to have ginseng?  I figured I probably could in reasonable amounts, but I left a message for my doctor JIC.  She called back as I was about to crack it open, NO GINSENG.  Now we have all these Mountain Dew Voltages.  :/  Pregnancy is such an incredibly learning journey!


And this adorable Italian Greyhound.  He is almost 11 years young and so cute, even when he wakes up early on Saturday thinking it's a work day and he's anxious to share eggs with dad.
And this pic my SIL text us...

Have a fantastic weekend!

22 Weeks - I love watermelon!

My age:  29

How far along: 22w

How big is baby:  Size of a spaghetti squash...about 11" and almost a pound (only a pound!? lol).

What have you been up to:  We've just about entered summer where we've hit the triple digits for the second time and soon they shall stay!  We turned on our A/C and I can feel my fingers starting the summer swell.  Hopefully they don't get extra-swelly due to pregnancy...

[I believe our average temp for this time of year is 94-95.]
We are still working on the baby room (it's on hold for a week or two).  Meanwhile we're trying to figure out insurance stuff!  For the life of me I just haven't ever understood insurance.  I swear we pay out the wazoo every month for it and then end up paying out the wazoo again for everything!

Exercise/Activity Level:   Crossfit and walks!  I'm starting to modify a little bit more now that it's harder to get weight overhead without hitting my bump, and I would be so stressed out if I were to whack him with the bar.  And I definitely don't feel as agile.

Maternity clothes:  I bought two longer tank tops for working out in and some Costco yoga capris.  My maternity store of choice is definitely Ross.  Ross freaking rocks.

Stretch marks:  Not yet.

Belly Button:   In.

Sleep:   Good if I take 1/2 of a Unisom.  I am pretty adjusted to sleeping on my side now.  Usually I have to take 2-4 bathroom breaks during the night and lately I've had lots of nightmares which is super annoying.

Best Moment of the Week:   We had a few awesome times these past weeks.  Celebrating my first Mother's Day was a big one!  We've also started to make some plans for baby showers up north (June 28th Utahns).  And on Mother's Day we got to chat with Elder Hales via Skype.

We also went to Bartlett Lake for my first time.

Our gym had an intense dodge-ball tournament, and although our class only won one game, it was when Ben was the last one standing.  It was like an MVP moment.  lol  [I only spectated for obvious reasons.]

We're a month from monsoon season so our sunsets are starting to become awesome.

And this lil nugget makes the days awesome.

Worst Moment of the Week:  Nothing really other than not feeling well.

Food cravings:  WATERMELON!! 

I've decided that swearing off caffeine was a huge mistake.  I now drink a Mtn. Dew on the weekends and it's divine.  I've also been drinking milk and I've always hated milk.

Food aversions:   Still nothing super smelly/saucy, but getting better.

Symptoms:  I had my eye prescription changed so I can see once again!

I'm still nauseated most days and Dr. L thinks that probably means it's here for the rest of the pregnancy, but I'm a lot better than before so this is totally do-able.

My ribs, however, oh man do they hurt!!  I can tell they have expanded, but they give me stabs of freakish pain at times and are bruised or completely numb to the touch, especially on the right side.

Movement:  All the time which I love.  Ben even felt him kicking.  :)

Gender:  Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  My Mtn. Dew this weekend.  And getting back to working on the baby's room.  I can't wait to meet our lil B.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  The same stuff...everything.

What I miss:  It seems to alternate between Monster and running.  I think right now it's our weekend Monster!!  I'm also going to miss my Juneathon running streak next month.  I wonder what I can do to still somehow participate.  Ben said a month of no sugar like he did last year, but I think that's a terrible idea!!  I couldn't do that not-pregnant.  Maybe a squat challenge?  Thrusters??  IDK...TBD...

Next appointment:  6/11/14

Five Things Friday - [Catching up edition...]

  • Happy [belated] Mother's Day to all of the women out there, especially to our wonderful mamas (all three of them, and recently increased to four). The only pics that I could find of our moms together were our wedding.  They are in purple.

  • A perk of Mother's Day is Skyping Elder Hales.  He has <9 months to go until his return.  [Recently Skype introduced the group feature which is totally awesome... like 3 states, 6 cities awesome.]

Elder Hales is doing GREAT.

  • Elder Hales was transferred to the Gila Valley last month, which means he lives <2 minutes walking distance from where Ben and I lived.  They pass our house daily.  They also live by our family!

We moved two years ago.
And now we shall partake of a visit.  (Heaven knows we won't make it to February before introducing baby B to Elder Hales.)

  • This was my first sorta-Mother's Day!  Baby B is kicking a lot everyday so it does seem more real!  And man is he growing like a weed these days.  How he going to continue to fit in my belly over the next few months without breaking all of my ribs is beyond me.  I wasn't actually expecting to celebrate the Mother's Day holiday, but Ben had other plans.  :]  I do love my sweet Ben with my whole heart!  What a fun journey.

  • Last month the big job my company has been working on finally opened!  My family and I went through it when we were up in Utah.  It's in Draper by the Ikea right off I-15.  It was the largest (as far as amount of drawings) that I've ever done, so that was cool to be a part of!  I think I walked through and didn't even notice the furniture.  lol

^^^free cookie right there.
Below:  a shot at the above.

That's not all, but that's all for now.
Have a nice weekend!

20 Weeks - 1/2 Way!!

My age:  29

How far along: 20w1d

How big is baby:  Last week he weighed 9 oz and was about 6" head to rump.  He's growing fast so probably 1/4" - 1/2" bigger by now.

What have you been up to:  The past couple of weeks I've noticeably "popped," to where people can tell I'm expecting.  Ben recently put together the crib and changing table and we've started working on painting B's room which is exciting!!  I'm still dealing with sickness in the mornings/nights but I am doing better.
[Also hanging out with a cute pup.]

Exercise/Activity Level:   Walking and Crossfit.  I am getting some energy back these days which is awesome.  I find some things at Crossfit a little more difficult to do (bend over to pick up the bar), but I can still do most movements.

Our gym has a Crossfit Life class that utilizes body weight instead of any Olympic lifting which is what I will probably focus on once I am uncomfortable with having weight overhead.

Maternity clothes:  I bought one more pair of shorts!  We've been in the 80s most of the month of April but we jumped up to our first triple digit on Saturday!  The heat will be here soon [and then MONSOONS].
I really need to find some new workout attire.  I was hoping to find maternity running shorts or fitness short types, but it looks like I'll probably end up in yoga capris which seems a little toasty for our summers.  I can't find maternity running shorts anywhere!  I recently bought a pair that are just up in size from my regular size, but they devour my legs.  :/

Stretch marks:  Not yet.

Belly Button:   In.

Sleep:   Not as good.  After chatting with my doc's office I am trying to adjust to not sleeping flat on my back which is tough.  One night we went up to CVS looking for Unisom which saved the night.

Best Moment of the Week:   Our anatomy scan last week where we got to see baby B in all sorts of detail.  He was opening and closing his lil mouth and even showed us all of his fingers so I think that's a sign he's going to be a pianist!  He is so cute.

Worst Moment of the Week:  It's been tough to outgrow my clothes even when I plan to.  I think a majority of the time I just feel cow-esqe already.  Buying maternity seems to help a lot.  Also I had a stressful (to me) chat with the nurse last week, but then the doctor made me feel a lot better.  I sure know how to worry.

Food cravings:  WATERMELON!!  And cheese.  And cream cheese.  These were also a dangerous[ly delicious] purchase...

Food aversions:   Still nothing super smelly, but getting better.

Symptoms:  I'm fluctuating but it sure beats being down 24/7!!  I've been getting headaches resulting in not being able to read as much.  My eyesight is SO BAD now!  haha  I struggled to read my music at church and the congregation was probably wondering what my deal was.  I can't wait to get in to my eye doctor so I can burn through my books...

Movement:  Yes!!  Yay!  Often, especially at night in bed.  It is so fun!  I first felt him around 18 weeks, but it took a week or so to really distinguish that those feelings were him.  Every day it gets more real.

Gender:  Still very much a boy.  :)

What I’m looking forward to:   Finishing the baby's room!  Also I am looking forward to meeting him of course.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  The same stuff...everything.

What I miss:  Mostly just running.  I miss it so much!  I have been doing the [slow] sprints at Crossfit, but I miss distance running.  In the meantime, we have a treadmill fund started and I am motivated for some post baby PRs.

Next appointment:  5/14/14