22 Weeks - I love watermelon!

My age:  29

How far along: 22w

How big is baby:  Size of a spaghetti squash...about 11" and almost a pound (only a pound!? lol).

What have you been up to:  We've just about entered summer where we've hit the triple digits for the second time and soon they shall stay!  We turned on our A/C and I can feel my fingers starting the summer swell.  Hopefully they don't get extra-swelly due to pregnancy...

[I believe our average temp for this time of year is 94-95.]
We are still working on the baby room (it's on hold for a week or two).  Meanwhile we're trying to figure out insurance stuff!  For the life of me I just haven't ever understood insurance.  I swear we pay out the wazoo every month for it and then end up paying out the wazoo again for everything!

Exercise/Activity Level:   Crossfit and walks!  I'm starting to modify a little bit more now that it's harder to get weight overhead without hitting my bump, and I would be so stressed out if I were to whack him with the bar.  And I definitely don't feel as agile.

Maternity clothes:  I bought two longer tank tops for working out in and some Costco yoga capris.  My maternity store of choice is definitely Ross.  Ross freaking rocks.

Stretch marks:  Not yet.

Belly Button:   In.

Sleep:   Good if I take 1/2 of a Unisom.  I am pretty adjusted to sleeping on my side now.  Usually I have to take 2-4 bathroom breaks during the night and lately I've had lots of nightmares which is super annoying.

Best Moment of the Week:   We had a few awesome times these past weeks.  Celebrating my first Mother's Day was a big one!  We've also started to make some plans for baby showers up north (June 28th Utahns).  And on Mother's Day we got to chat with Elder Hales via Skype.

We also went to Bartlett Lake for my first time.

Our gym had an intense dodge-ball tournament, and although our class only won one game, it was when Ben was the last one standing.  It was like an MVP moment.  lol  [I only spectated for obvious reasons.]

We're a month from monsoon season so our sunsets are starting to become awesome.

And this lil nugget makes the days awesome.

Worst Moment of the Week:  Nothing really other than not feeling well.

Food cravings:  WATERMELON!! 

I've decided that swearing off caffeine was a huge mistake.  I now drink a Mtn. Dew on the weekends and it's divine.  I've also been drinking milk and I've always hated milk.

Food aversions:   Still nothing super smelly/saucy, but getting better.

Symptoms:  I had my eye prescription changed so I can see once again!

I'm still nauseated most days and Dr. L thinks that probably means it's here for the rest of the pregnancy, but I'm a lot better than before so this is totally do-able.

My ribs, however, oh man do they hurt!!  I can tell they have expanded, but they give me stabs of freakish pain at times and are bruised or completely numb to the touch, especially on the right side.

Movement:  All the time which I love.  Ben even felt him kicking.  :)

Gender:  Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  My Mtn. Dew this weekend.  And getting back to working on the baby's room.  I can't wait to meet our lil B.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  The same stuff...everything.

What I miss:  It seems to alternate between Monster and running.  I think right now it's our weekend Monster!!  I'm also going to miss my Juneathon running streak next month.  I wonder what I can do to still somehow participate.  Ben said a month of no sugar like he did last year, but I think that's a terrible idea!!  I couldn't do that not-pregnant.  Maybe a squat challenge?  Thrusters??  IDK...TBD...

Next appointment:  6/11/14


  1. Love this and it brings back many memories...amazing hw quickly mommy brain forgets pregnancy :) I loved oranges and I had cereal at least once EVERY single day. Since Zoe is here, I didn't eat any cereal in the morning! Oh and the whole pregnancy I was addicted to Sprite! I'm sorry you still deal with nausea but I'm glad it gets a little easier. Love the pink dress - You are glowing!!

  2. You look absolutely amazing! I can't believe you are still rocking your heels :D