Five Things Friday - [Catching up edition...]

  • Happy [belated] Mother's Day to all of the women out there, especially to our wonderful mamas (all three of them, and recently increased to four). The only pics that I could find of our moms together were our wedding.  They are in purple.

  • A perk of Mother's Day is Skyping Elder Hales.  He has <9 months to go until his return.  [Recently Skype introduced the group feature which is totally awesome... like 3 states, 6 cities awesome.]

Elder Hales is doing GREAT.

  • Elder Hales was transferred to the Gila Valley last month, which means he lives <2 minutes walking distance from where Ben and I lived.  They pass our house daily.  They also live by our family!

We moved two years ago.
And now we shall partake of a visit.  (Heaven knows we won't make it to February before introducing baby B to Elder Hales.)

  • This was my first sorta-Mother's Day!  Baby B is kicking a lot everyday so it does seem more real!  And man is he growing like a weed these days.  How he going to continue to fit in my belly over the next few months without breaking all of my ribs is beyond me.  I wasn't actually expecting to celebrate the Mother's Day holiday, but Ben had other plans.  :]  I do love my sweet Ben with my whole heart!  What a fun journey.

  • Last month the big job my company has been working on finally opened!  My family and I went through it when we were up in Utah.  It's in Draper by the Ikea right off I-15.  It was the largest (as far as amount of drawings) that I've ever done, so that was cool to be a part of!  I think I walked through and didn't even notice the furniture.  lol

^^^free cookie right there.
Below:  a shot at the above.

That's not all, but that's all for now.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. How fun to actually viit the place you were working on! That's so rewarding!! Oh and you look GREAT!!

  2. That is really impressive!! Great job on the building!

  3. I want to go to that R.C. Willey's. It looks cool!

  4. That is really neat! Looks really awesome inside :D