Five Things Friday

This week we took a look at the new Porsche Macan (MUH-CONN) at the dealer reveal.  It was pretty fun with fancy snacks, but also as we predicted, many filthy rich old men wearing Tommy Bahama Hawaiian clothes.  Haha they crack me up.
Some cute couple was like, "what color do you think it is?  I'm guessing red and he thinks black."
"I'm going to go with white!!"  -ME ;)
That same older couple at the table with us was all, "so do you guys own a Porsche?"  Ben and I were like..."haha ...not yet.  What about you?"  "Yeah we've got a couple."  <---They always own multiples and here Ben is dreaming of singular.  It was fun to see everybody drive to the unveiling event in their own Porsche.  [We parked in the back and walked.  Hey we really needed a car wash...]
^^^2 pictures of me that night.  Both identical.
We actually need a new car come late summer/fall, and we go back and forth between a small SUV or another sedan.  I still have my eyes on the X6 (or the new X4 if it'd ever come out...), the Evoque and the Macan.  We will probably buy another Honda.  You just can't go wrong with a Honda [in my eyes].  Poor Ben.

The car looked beautiful, but for a majority of the time everything was open and I had a hard time visualizing the exterior.
This is what it looks like...


Juneathon (running, blogging /logging each day) starts in 9 days.  Ben is all ready to omit sugar for the month and basically go Paleo.  While I can't run and heaven knows I can't cut sugar out (doin' the Dew), I have been thinking about still participating.

I am going to do some sort of squat challenge for the month and get my crossfit workouts in.  I haven't decided on the whole blog everyday thing, but I'd like to keep up and post about my pregnancy experience.
I will desperately miss running, but I'm excited to to be motivated as my stomach somehow finds a way to expand [much] further, and the weather finds a way to become [much] hotter.


We have been looking for a new L- desk for me for quite some time.  We found one on Craigslist and it was perfect!  It was in homeboy's garage and homeboy smelt a bit of cigarette smoke, but we didn't think a whole lot of it at the time.  Well we got it home and set it up and washed it and I sat down and realized that the desk had a bit of an odor itself.  *heart sink*
It has turned into a project (mostly for Ben, thanks baby) but we have decided to completely KILLZ seal and re-finish the desk and paint it to match the room.  It is not quite done, but it is going to be the most amazing desk.
The guy at Lowes told us to keep my pregnant self away from the KILLZ.


I mentioned I was un-swearing off caffeine consumption for now since you're allowed 200mg per day, which really seems like an absolute ton.  I need a pick-me-up beverage to look forward to having on the weekends, so we perused Wal-mart and I found a tasty looking Mountain Dew that we bought an entire case of.  It was blue/purple and looked nothing in comparison to a delectable Monster, but still delicious-like.
I looked forward to that beverage for some time and when I went to crack open my first can of Mtn Dew Voltage I saw it had ginseng in it.  Hmmm.  I don't know if I'm supposed to have ginseng?  I figured I probably could in reasonable amounts, but I left a message for my doctor JIC.  She called back as I was about to crack it open, NO GINSENG.  Now we have all these Mountain Dew Voltages.  :/  Pregnancy is such an incredibly learning journey!


And this adorable Italian Greyhound.  He is almost 11 years young and so cute, even when he wakes up early on Saturday thinking it's a work day and he's anxious to share eggs with dad.
And this pic my SIL text us...

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. when pregnant the most shocking thing for me was that i can not eat everything. i thought for 9ish months i can eat anything and everything and as much as i want. very soon i learned this is not the case and was shocked how much you can't eat. i miss seafood and salami the most.