Memorial Day Weekend - Surprising the Elder!

It is raining right now.  Awesome.

Over Memorial Day weekends we always move (last year, year before, year before that).  This year we had no moves in sight (wahoo!!) but we still put in some driving time to go out and see the lil nieces and surprise Elder Hales.
Nate and Becky (Ben's brother and sister in-law) invited the missionaries over for one of their famous dinners so we knew we'd probably be seeing my brother!  (Truth is that we also drove around the town looking for them earlier, but couldn't find them.)

We sat on the grass and could see the missionaries walking clear down the street towards us.  When they got close enough, Dallin was like, "No way!!  Oh my gosh.  RYKAR!!"  
Rykar's vision is becoming somewhat worse with his age (he's almost 11!!), but when he heard his name he knew.  Rykar is like the 5th child in our family.  If you've read this blog for a minute, you know that!!

If you are on a blog reader, go here for the video if it doesn't show up below:
In his letter yesterday:
"This past weekend.... I decided to talk to President Killpack about what he thought if my Sister and Bro-in-law visited....hmmm...juuuuuust in case they came down and 'ran into me.' Well, he said very plainly that he thought it would be okay. Our mission President is seriously awesome. Very inspired. 

Soo...we were over to my sister's in laws house who live in our stake and very close to our apt....and as we were walking up....I couldn't believe....I recognized a Honda Accord....a dude in a green shirt....and prego lady....and a little skinny dog. FAMILY!! Oh man, it was so awesome to see CB and awesome dog. I miss them and my family so much. They were very respectful in being around us, although, Ben, I'm going to pound you when I get home. I'm on reserve mode. Dinner was great with the Buhr's. SO AWESOME! I love those guys and it was great to see them. Some missionaries may get trunky, but it simply motivated me to work even harder! (no not to get you a car or boat - Ben) hehe."
My initial reaction was that he has filled out!  He is growing up and has been out for 1 year 4 months of his 2 years.  We are counting down until he moves to Phoenix.  We want as many Hales' in Phoenix as we can get.  :]

They also shared a message with us.  I will quote his letter again:
"The message we shared with them has been one that we've shared with a few families - the rare occasion we eat them families in the YSA. Elder Netane and I have been talking a lot about it, and families has come up more lately than ever in a period of time. Lessons we teach focus on families. Dinner apts. focus on families. It's crazy. Nephi went through crap and back with his family. And 30 years later after leaving Jerusalem, the first thing we have to read about his life was, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents..." it shows how valued families are in God's eyes. 

Man, I love my family. My comp. and I have both agreed that we have never felt so close to our families before in our lives, and yet we're far away. Only the gospel can do that. Pretty rad."
^^^Rykar misses him
We got to spend about two hours with them!  Elder Hales and his companion, Elder Natane, are the two in their zone that didn't get touched this transfer, so they are there at least until July.

Rykar had the best weekend of his life.  Worn out.
What a fun weekend.  

And I dream of having an adorably behaved baby like our lil six month old niece, Karli.  I took the cutest pictures, but I'm more cautious of posting other people's children on the world wide web these days.  Just in case, you know, those creepers out there... 

Have a nice rest of the week!


  1. Oh how wonderful that you got to see your brother!!

  2. Hey- I can finally comment!
    That was the greatest post!! It made me so happy for you guys!!

  3. What a fun surprise!!! I actually surprised my sister when I was pregnant. We flew to Germany to see her on her birthday, she had no idea!! Maybe it is a preggo thing to surprise siblings :)

  4. So cool! Also cool that you didn't have to move for once!