Juneathon - Another year COMPLETE

Well I'm officially done with my 3rd annual fitness streak where I did something everyday for the month of June, aka Juneathon.  It was easier to do something "fitness related" than an actual running streak like last year, but I still feel pretty good about completing it.

Since we did our 1 rep max testing last week, this week we are focusing on other things and taking a week off of strength.  Today we worked on strict pull ups, or pull-up progressions!  When my turn came, I did one of the first set of five and my ribs were on FIRE so I had to quit.  I was pregnant-irrationally upset that I couldn't continue on.  It sounds silly now, but I was pretty bummed at the moment.  Ben is always good at cheering me up and bringing me back to what really matters...our cute lil baby (even if he's smashing my insides).

For the workout we did "FIGHT GONE BAD," and it was a pretty accurate description!!  It doesn't sound too rough, but it's a killer.

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)
Christy:  208 reps (80+68+60)
Ben:  285 reps (rx)

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots*
Sumo deadlift high-pull*
Box Jumps, 20″*
Row (Calories)

*I used a 14# wall ball and did wall ball thrusters because I am extremely cautious when it comes to throwing weight overhead these days.  Personal option.
*I subbed regular deadlifts for SDHP but mostly because I hurt my wrist in February doing them and it's still not 100%.
*Step ups for lower impact.

I have been feeling braxton hicks these days so I get a little worried if I think I feel anything during a workout and I back off.  I tend to worry and want to be cautious, so I will be double checking my fitness routine with my doctor at my appointment this week just to be safe.

  • Today's time: 17:00 
  • Total June air squats: 2000 
  • Total June WOD time: 4:16:33 
  • CrossFit: 14
Have a fantastic JULY!  Crazy that it starts tomorrow.  Annnd I'll probably be posting tomorrow again anyways, but just my bi-weekly prego update.  :]

2000 Squats & 1 day left to go!

I'm back home in AZ thus no longer posting from my cell phone.  Had a great trip up north that I will post about later!  Meanwhile today was my last day to do squats for the Juneathon fitness challenge!  Tomorrow I'm planning on going to CF.

Just me and my three suitcases which weren't even enough.  :)
So funny, random story:  My phone froze and I couldn't get it to restart so I had to take the battery out.  I couldn't get my phone cover off!!  I finally went over to a random person at the airport with my weird request to help remove my phone cover and then even he couldn't get it off!!  I eventually said he could break it off because I've had it for so long and the jewels are falling off so it's probably time for a new one.  So like forever later he got it off, broken.  So RIP awesome bejewled phone cover.

Anyways, tangent over, it has been a long day of traveling but I told myself if I did my squats then I could have some jello.  :D
I finished off doing 150 squats in 4:07 to reach a total of 2000 squats for the month of June!  I honestly thought I'd get more in, but oh well I'll take it.  I have noticed my legs getting stronger and even a little bit bigger like they did when I did [weighted] squats right before my wedding.

  • Today's time: 4:07 
  • Total June air squats: 2000
  • Total June WOD time: 3:59:33
  • CrossFit: 13
Have a fantastic week!

Baby Shower Saturday

Today was a great day full of baby showers!  It was SO great to see family and friends and get excited with all the baby boy gifts that make this all the more real. Pictures coming soon.

Meanwhile we rolled in at 11:30PM and I did my 100 [very tired] squats in 2:24 to get something fitnessy in!

My busy week is nearing its end and tomorrow I get to hit the airport one more time to journey back to my sweet husband who I miss a lot. I think he got bored today because he took the dog out for ice cream.  Hahaha.


Ps. Be careful you Thatcher/Safford-ians. Rumor has it you just had a 5+ earthquake. Keep an eye on my brother. :)

Today's time: 2:24
Total June air squats: 1850
Total June WOD time: 3:55:26
CrossFit: 13

The last Friday in June = today.

Today was a nice vaca day spent shopping with my awesome mom!  Sadly I still cannot find a pink dress for my sister's wedding next month, which is total crap if you were wondering.

However I managed to fit in 100 squats at midnight in 2:37 to get something fitness-y in!  It's pretty crazy that July starts in a few short days.

Today's time: 2:37
Total June air squats: 1750
Total June WOD time: 3:53:02
CrossFit: 13

Almost ruined it w/5 days left.

It was a go - go - go day and I spaced all thoughts of doing anything fitness related (except I wore my compression sleeves all day if that counts) until I was under my sheets, lights out, Unisom flowing through my veins and extremely delighted that I made it to the sleep portion of the day (wahoo!). 

Because I am so stubborn in my silly challenges, I got my booter back out of bed and did 50 squats in 1:11.  On top of all the walking I did in heels today (w/3 suitcases lol), I'm going to call it a fitness win. :P

At the risk of a picture - less lamER post, I will [hopefully] upload a pic from Saturday with my cute puppy.

Today's time: 1:11
Total June air squats: 1650
Total June WOD time: 3:50:25
CrossFit: 13

OMG I'm so tired. Goodnight.

JD25 - CrossFit Life

Quick post for this busy day wherein I am royally pooped.  Made it to the Crossfit Life class today so we could get to our volleyball game afterwards.  It actually works out perfectly since I can't do the regular Wednesday class because they do lifts that would hit my belly these days.

Metcon (Time)
Christy:  20:24
Ben:  17:35 (rx)  <---fastest time of the day

8 rounds of:
50 SU or 25 DU*
10 KBS
20 Russian Twists
200m Run*

*I did [low-impact] grasshoppers instead of the jump roping.  By round 7 I had to switch from grasshoppers to leg lifts because I was really struggling to keep my lunch down (pretty typical for when I get horizontal these days, especially if I'm drinking a lot of water).
*I [low-impact] rowed instead of ran.

It was another hot one with the garage doors open for the runners, so 106 degrees had me melting in my little rowing corner station and I died off towards the end.  Next time I'm planting myself in front of the fan!  But alas, it was a good cardio burner.

This is how you row when you have a belly protrudence.  Frog style.  Probably not the best, but it'll have to do for now.

  • Today's time: 24:20
  • Total June air squats: 1600 
  • Total June wod time: 3:49:14
  • CrossFit: 13
Good night!  5 days to go!

Oh hello deadlift PR. You make me happy.

Oh my nelly.  What a busy day.  Made it to the gym.  Thank you Juneathon for the motivation.

Today we tested our 1 rep max after a 6 week period of working on deadlifts every Tuesday.  Six weeks ago I hit #153 and ran out of time knowing I could definitely lift more.  Today I was excited to see how much more I could get.  Time always goes too fast, but I was more prepared.

Deadlift (1 RM)
BB roll, BB Good Morning, BB DL X 8
30% X 5
40% X 5
50% X 3
60% X 3
70% X 3
80% X 2
85% X 2
90% X 1

I got up to 190# and was thrilled.  I think I have more in me next time around (probably will be after the baby), and I'd like to break the 200# "club."  It feels so good to be higher up on the leaderboard because I am usually always lower on lifts because I do have these perma-pencil arms.

Below isn't my final lift...maybe 175#.

(I had Thao take the picture from the front but now I realize that was probably the worst idea if I wanted any flattering angles.)
Ben is amazing and did 335#.  I missed his final lift with my slow trigger finger, but I got a shot of him a couple lifts beforehand.  Hot.
For the workout we did an 8:00 amrap more focused on strength than endurance.

Spotts (AMRAP – Reps)
"Spotts" Amrap 8

Christy:  100
Ben:  138 (rx)

Box Jump 24/30″
Strict Pull Ups*

*I did 24" step ups to keep it low-impact.
*I did ring rows instead of strict pull ups.  I will probably continue on the rings until bebe.

  • Today's time: 8:00
  • Total June air squats: 1600
  • Total June wod time: 3:24:54
  • CrossFit: 12
Have a fabulous humpday tomorrow.

Burpees are better than grasshoppers at least.

Happy Monday!!  (Again!?  WTF?!)  I figured since I've got a busy end of the week, the pool read-a-thon Monday tradition will have to be postponed again, and I went to the gym instead.

I saw this on IG and chuckled.

Today we worked on our one rep max for back squats and I ended at 123# and know I could have gone up if I had some more time!  So I felt pretty good about it!  Ben rocked a 240# and looked solid as usual.  I love lifting by him so he can watch all of my sets and give me extra pointers.

Strength:  Back Squat (1 RM)
Warm UP:
BB X 8
30%X 5
40% X 5
50% X 3
60% X 3
70% X 3
80% X 3
85% X 2
90%X 1

CrossFit Games Open 12.1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Christy:  9+1
Ben:  9+8 (rx)

7-Minute AMRAP of:
Burpees to a 6″ target*

*I did modified burpees where you go down into a plank instead of hitting the ground.  
*To keep it low-impact, I also hit my hands to an overhead bar by going up on my toes instead of jumping to reach the taller bar 6" overhead.

7:00 minutes of burpees is no joke.  It's like the longest 7:00 minutes of life (actually racing a 5k is probably worse).  Plus baby's head is down and it is causing some pain and mobility issues and really makes me want to keep it low-impact (did somebody kick me in the crotch...).  

Overall I am feeling pretty good about today!  Hopefully your day was fab.

  • Today's time: 7:00
  • Total June air squats: 1600
  • Total June wod time: 3:16:54
  • CrossFit: 11

My brother went home today though, so boo.  He just graduated from BYU.  CONGRATS to him.

Everlasting Juneathon - I hit 1600 squats!

As I mentioned, we have a visitor!  We also had a busy Saturday doing lots of important things, not limited to going Jamba Juice-ing... (I got the sour gummy bear smoothie off the secret menu...YUM, I had no idea about a secret menu?)
Sushi at Ra at Kierland Commons... (Right now I can only choose from 4 of all their many rolls... FOUR)
Live music at Kierland Commons...
Finding out my pup is terrified of James' electric toothbrush...  :(
A visit to the massive Barnes and Noble... (seriously I never find chairs hanging around the shelves)
Driving all over and beyond...
Some time in the sun...
And I believe all these activities were done in 100+ heat!  Even the night music was in 100 degrees, but with the sun down it didn't feel like it.  We have yet to hit a triple double temp and we're cruising into July mighty fast.

For my June fitness, today is Sunday so I went ahead and did 150 squats in record time!  I'm going to still consider 3:36 a new record time even though just two-three weeks ago I could go down into a squat further which obviously would be tougher.  But I also know my legs are getting stronger.

  • Today's time: 3:36
  • Total June air squats: 1600
  • Total June wod time: 3:09:54
  • CrossFit: 10
I hope you have a fabulous new week!

JD21: Oh you lovely squats.

We had quite the agenda today, Ben, James and I, so squats before bedtime were the winning option after stuffing ourselves with sushi.  I'm also in bed posting from my phone (thank you 9 am church). I'm so fancy. :]

The "streak" continues...

  • Today's time: 2:29
  • Total June air squats: 1450
  • Total June WOD time: 3:08:47
  • Crossfit: 10

Short and sweet.  Have a nice Sunday!

Ain't Life Grand? 20 days down.

We have a visitor, James!  (Actually two.  The other visitor is the shadow floating in the pool behind...Ryan!)  Sadly this is the only evidence I have thus far.
Today the workout was kind of random because we rarely do some of the movements (wheel barrows...).  It was a partner wod and my partner was our coach who is also pregnant.  Team prego!!  She's a beast so it was very motivating, but she would also tell me to play it safe and listen to my body.
Aint Life Grand (Time)
Christy:  20:01
Ben:  21:03 (rx)

In teams of 2:
1500m Row (switch every 250m)
4 rope climbs (alternating)*
10 partner tire flips
20 med ball toss 14/20#
4- 20m wheel barrow*
20 med ball toss
10 partner tire flips (alternating)
1500m row(switch every 250m)
*No rope climbing for us preggers, we did 6 rope progressions.
*I didn't do the wheel barrows because I still am having problems being horizontal without losing my lunch, so I did walking lunges to keep me upright.
This workout was killer but felt awesome afterwards.  The rowing got really, really tough towards the end and I was slowing.  I wanted so badly to beat Ben in rowing but he is waaaaay faster.  I love this pic below.
Thanks to my brother for being paparazzi.  Hopefully next time he will join.  :]
  • Today's time: 20:01
  • Total June air squats: 1350
  • Total June wod time: 3:06:18
  • CrossFit: 10
Have a nice weekend!

11 days left to streak.


I was really hoping to make it to the gym 5x this week (which really hasn't happened since I got pregnant), but today it just wasn't in the Buhr books.  Even Ben missed and he never does!

Baby B is only 2lbs but he must have shifted or something that had me feeling off, so I decided to nix anything ...that required me to change out of my pjs.  :D  But really, it was a good day, no complaints.  Hopefully the same goes for you.

Baby sure moves a TON these days, especially after my cold watermelon consumption...
I procrastinated as long as humanly possible, but I finally got 100 squats in, in 2:41 to at least get something fitnessy in that made me sweaty, and it was a mental battle all the way through because I just didn't want to.  But done!  No fun pictures, but maybe tomorrow [when we have a visitor]!
  • Today's time: 2:41
  • Total June air squats: 1350
  • Total June wod time: 2:46:17
  • CrossFit: 9
I thought humans were the only ones that enjoyed one foot in, one foot out type of deals.  This was now...
 Below was yesterday:
And I think I posted another one a couple of day ago.  Such a goober.  But cute none-the-less...

3/5ths or 60% - Death by 10m (Spectating)

Happy Wednesday!  Another humpday comes and goes by, and I spent most of it in a sleepy daze.  I even disobeyed my personal weekend only Mtn. Dew rule, but it did nothing for me (baby sure was dancing).  I really only drank half of it.  And that took half a day to do.  Carbonation takes me forever to drink, but it's so delicious during that entire period.
When I first got pregnant I immediately quit drinking Monster.  I hadn't been to the doctor yet but it was kind of a no-brainer that I probably shouldn't consume an energy drink [even so delicious as such].  

I half jokingly wrote Monster asking if they had, or if they would consider making, a Monster soda...  Monster without all the energy stuff!  They actually responded.  And sent me stickers! :D
For the fitness streak, Ben and I made it to the earlier Crossfit Life class today because Wednesday nights are volleyball nights! For the life class we did two different workouts (instead of strength focus + workout):

Metcon (Time)
Christy: 4:37
Ben: 3:52

5 Rounds
8 KBS (Heavy)
10 Jumping Lunges
12 Grasshoppers

I scaled/modified:
-I used a 26# kettlebell which really isn't that heavy, but I tried the 35# and it hurt my rebellious ribs.  26 it is.   Ben used a 70# kettlebell.  <---holy crap
-(Lower impact) step back lunges instead of jumping ones.
-Oh grasshoppers, we meet again you dirty bas...ket of evil.

Death By 10m 
(AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Complete 1- 10m run the 1st minute, 
2- 10m runs the 2nd minute, 
3 the 3rd min and so on until you can no longer complete the required number in the time period… ex: in the 15th minute, complete 15-10m runs

Ben ended with 19+19 (barely short of starting the 20th round) and he took first in the gym!!

I didn't do it.  I did a 4x500m rowing instead.  Not near as fun, but rowing is so tough for me.  I went for the negative splits just like in running to keep it interesting.  I was a bit envious of the fun misery of the Death by 10m.  My splits:
Rest 1 minute
Rest 1 minute
Rest 1 minute

  • Today's time: 13:51
  • Total June air squats: 1250
  • Total June wod time: 2:43:36
  • CrossFit: 9
We also played volleyball for an hour!  It was alright fun.  Our team is pretty crappy and one guy wasn't too thrilled having a conservatively cautious prego chick on his team.  But whatever.  I'd be like, "I go," and he'd like rush me and hit it.  Jerk.

That's all for now.  It feels like it should be Friday tomorrow.
Have a great evening!

JD17 - Not a fan of grasshoppers.

I'm not actually talking about the bug, though they are a bit creepish themselves.

Palm Strike (Time)
Christy:  5:48
Double Unders
Chest to bar pull ups

-There isn't a very good substitution for jump roping, so I got to do [lower impact] grasshoppers instead of double unders!  I am not a fan of grasshoppers.  They are similar to mountain climbers except you bring your leg up to your opposite arm so the shin touches your arm.  This is quite the [impossible] task with a belly, so I feel like I struggle through them but don't get as good of a workout.  Being horizontal makes me nauseated so they are extra tough to do straight through without having to stand up and let my stomach chill, so they are a blech-y movement.
-I did ring rows on the ground level instead of C2B pull ups.

For strength we worked on our deadlifts and worked on getting up to 7x2 @ 85% which for me was 133# today!  It felt pretty good.

Lastly there was an optional 1 mile max effort run following the workout and I was sad to not participate.

In other news, somebody posted this on the Facebook group I'm part of.  Anybody notice anything wrong with this pic?  lol
That's all for now.  Have a good night!
  • Today's time: 5:48
  • Total June air squats: 1250
  • Total June wod time: 2:29:45
  • CrossFit: 8