11 days left to streak.


I was really hoping to make it to the gym 5x this week (which really hasn't happened since I got pregnant), but today it just wasn't in the Buhr books.  Even Ben missed and he never does!

Baby B is only 2lbs but he must have shifted or something that had me feeling off, so I decided to nix anything ...that required me to change out of my pjs.  :D  But really, it was a good day, no complaints.  Hopefully the same goes for you.

Baby sure moves a TON these days, especially after my cold watermelon consumption...
I procrastinated as long as humanly possible, but I finally got 100 squats in, in 2:41 to at least get something fitnessy in that made me sweaty, and it was a mental battle all the way through because I just didn't want to.  But done!  No fun pictures, but maybe tomorrow [when we have a visitor]!
  • Today's time: 2:41
  • Total June air squats: 1350
  • Total June wod time: 2:46:17
  • CrossFit: 9
I thought humans were the only ones that enjoyed one foot in, one foot out type of deals.  This was now...
 Below was yesterday:
And I think I posted another one a couple of day ago.  Such a goober.  But cute none-the-less...

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