2000 Squats & 1 day left to go!

I'm back home in AZ thus no longer posting from my cell phone.  Had a great trip up north that I will post about later!  Meanwhile today was my last day to do squats for the Juneathon fitness challenge!  Tomorrow I'm planning on going to CF.

Just me and my three suitcases which weren't even enough.  :)
So funny, random story:  My phone froze and I couldn't get it to restart so I had to take the battery out.  I couldn't get my phone cover off!!  I finally went over to a random person at the airport with my weird request to help remove my phone cover and then even he couldn't get it off!!  I eventually said he could break it off because I've had it for so long and the jewels are falling off so it's probably time for a new one.  So like forever later he got it off, broken.  So RIP awesome bejewled phone cover.

Anyways, tangent over, it has been a long day of traveling but I told myself if I did my squats then I could have some jello.  :D
I finished off doing 150 squats in 4:07 to reach a total of 2000 squats for the month of June!  I honestly thought I'd get more in, but oh well I'll take it.  I have noticed my legs getting stronger and even a little bit bigger like they did when I did [weighted] squats right before my wedding.

  • Today's time: 4:07 
  • Total June air squats: 2000
  • Total June WOD time: 3:59:33
  • CrossFit: 13
Have a fantastic week!