26 Weeks - Feeling good!

My age:  29 (until 3 weeks before baby's due)

How far along: 26 weeks

How big is baby:  Five days ago he weighed 1lb. 12oz. (51st percentile) so perhaps close to two pounds.  He also has hair already.  :]  He definitely doesn't take after his mommy if he comes out with hair!

What have you been up to:  Same stuff, really.  I have been working overtime which has made the days fly by.  I'm feeling good these days and am able to get to the gym feeling good and ready to workout!

I have noticed a new wave of fatigue, so I wonder if I'm just hitting a new phase of pregnancy, kind of like the first trimester fatigue.  (My doctor considers 3rd trimester at 27 weeks which is just a week away!)

People are noticing that I'm expecting to the point of asking how far along I am.  I don't mind at all (but I would probably be too chicken to ask somebody that).  I always feel huge until I go to the doctor's office and see the more pregnant women there.  I still have quite a ways to expand.

Exercise/Activity Level:  CrossFit.  I upgraded my membership to unlimited so I can go more often if I feel like it.  I'm not sure Ben and I will be able to work out together in a few months, so we are soaking it up right now.

Maternity clothes:   We bought a couple of workout outfits that are really cute!  I bought an outfit that you already saw in a Juneathon post.  I still have some regular shirts I can fit into so I'm trying to wear them as long as possible.

Stretch marks:  None yet.  Still a lot of time to go though.

Belly Button:  Stretched.

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing and hearing that baby B is looking great!  Celebrating Ben's first Father's Day and also his promotion that he got at work.  6/11 was such a great day.  We went and stayed a night at the Doubletree Hotel over the weekend for a little staycation getaway together, shopping included! and went to dinner with Nate and Becky!

Did you know BMW has a new electric car?  It's kind of cool.  Have you ever heard of a McLaren?  There was one at the dealer for $200,000 and I had never heard of it.  I can't believe how expensive cars can be.
So I realize the pic below looks air brushed, but I promise it's just my PS filter.  I should use it more often.  haha  My skin is not amazing.  (3d Fiber Lashes, however, are.)

Worst Moment of the Week:   It was a couple of really good weeks.  Maybe being told that the average baby size is 8 pounds was painful to hear.  Ouch, I was thinking it was more like 7!  Also trying on clothes isn't as fun.  Judge me if you will, I miss my body.  My doctor said that baby needs the fat and cholesterol, and lil B is definitely my priority #1 so I will do whatever it takes to have a healthy, full-term baby.  But I am also already motivated to get back to it afterwards.  I can smell some PRs.

Food cravings:   I haven't really had any but my lime/citrus love is back and I have been enjoying lime squeezed on grilled chicken.  Delicious.  I'm so happy I love chicken again, especially Ben's grilled.

Food aversions:   I don't have any except for in the mornings.  I just have Instant Breakfast until the morning nausea dissipates.  My throwing up is a lot rarer.

Symptoms:  My skin is going through an extra greasy phase again, but really no other new ones that I can think of!  I have heard that my hair is supposed to be amazing, and though I usually lose a ton of hair at this time of year and I haven't been losing much at all, I think that's the only thing I've noticed.  I am enjoying the journey at this point.  It's crazy miraculous to grow a human.

Movement:  All the time!  I drink a lot of cold water these days and I think maybe that gets him dancing.  It's fun.

Gender:  Baby boy!

What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing this lil guy for the first time is going to be an awesome moment.  Ben and I were talking about what we think he will look like?  I also already envision the "firsts" of everything he will have, just remembering back to my youngest brother's firsts and how exciting those were.  I remember Dallin's first smile, first time balancing on two feet, first steps, first jabberings, etc.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:   That all continues to go well!!  So...I am terrified of getting my blood drawn again at my next appointment.  I am a giant wuss and being able to see the needle gives me the heebie geebies.  I watched my mom get her epidural 20 years ago so I already have the image in my head ready for when I get mine... (that is my full birth plan, so I hope birth goes according to plan).

What I miss:   Hmmm I don't really know other than what I've already spoken of.  I do miss fitness goals.

Next appointment:  7/3/14 my glucose test


  1. Yeah, my birth plan was the same (give me all drugs I am allowed to take) and we both know how that went LOL. If you can, drink the WHITE (or clear) glucose test and make sure they take it out of the fridge. It taste like stale sprite, not bad at all. But I heard the other flavors (colors) are not so tasty.

    1. They only had orange and fruit punch, so I went with orange. Hopefully it's not as terrible as I've been told!

  2. Love the onesie! You are looking good!

  3. You are such a good mommy already!
    Also, I CAN'T believe you watched your mom have an epidural! That would've scarred me for life- I'm not a needle person either!

  4. I just read the above comments and wanted to comment again... I think I had the red or orange glucose drink and it wasn't bad at all! I hoped it would be more sugary, but I didn't have a hard time drinking it.

  5. I have heard of a McClaren! I know and have seen a lot of sports cars since moving here. Apparently we moved to one of the top ten richest counties in the U.S. THAT was a surprise!

    I never looked at the needles if I could help it. I think it helped me. And yes, the epidural is SO worth it. I've had only one with and two without and the one with was the dream delivery.

  6. Catching up here. Great that you're kicking so much butt in your pregnancy! I have been working out pretty consistently, but it's definitely nowhere near where I always imagined I'd be at this point (17 weeks and change). I also miss being able to wear whatever without all the discomfort. I even miss doing crunches, ha ha.

    I don't have a plan yet, but I've seen too many epidural videos online and somehow, it doesn't bother me even though I am normally the type to look away when I get blood drawn. I figure when the time comes, this would seem like the WAY better alternative.