Ain't Life Grand? 20 days down.

We have a visitor, James!  (Actually two.  The other visitor is the shadow floating in the pool behind...Ryan!)  Sadly this is the only evidence I have thus far.
Today the workout was kind of random because we rarely do some of the movements (wheel barrows...).  It was a partner wod and my partner was our coach who is also pregnant.  Team prego!!  She's a beast so it was very motivating, but she would also tell me to play it safe and listen to my body.
Aint Life Grand (Time)
Christy:  20:01
Ben:  21:03 (rx)

In teams of 2:
1500m Row (switch every 250m)
4 rope climbs (alternating)*
10 partner tire flips
20 med ball toss 14/20#
4- 20m wheel barrow*
20 med ball toss
10 partner tire flips (alternating)
1500m row(switch every 250m)
*No rope climbing for us preggers, we did 6 rope progressions.
*I didn't do the wheel barrows because I still am having problems being horizontal without losing my lunch, so I did walking lunges to keep me upright.
This workout was killer but felt awesome afterwards.  The rowing got really, really tough towards the end and I was slowing.  I wanted so badly to beat Ben in rowing but he is waaaaay faster.  I love this pic below.
Thanks to my brother for being paparazzi.  Hopefully next time he will join.  :]
  • Today's time: 20:01
  • Total June air squats: 1350
  • Total June wod time: 3:06:18
  • CrossFit: 10
Have a nice weekend!

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