Almost ruined it w/5 days left.

It was a go - go - go day and I spaced all thoughts of doing anything fitness related (except I wore my compression sleeves all day if that counts) until I was under my sheets, lights out, Unisom flowing through my veins and extremely delighted that I made it to the sleep portion of the day (wahoo!). 

Because I am so stubborn in my silly challenges, I got my booter back out of bed and did 50 squats in 1:11.  On top of all the walking I did in heels today (w/3 suitcases lol), I'm going to call it a fitness win. :P

At the risk of a picture - less lamER post, I will [hopefully] upload a pic from Saturday with my cute puppy.

Today's time: 1:11
Total June air squats: 1650
Total June WOD time: 3:50:25
CrossFit: 13

OMG I'm so tired. Goodnight.

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