Baby Shower Saturday

Today was a great day full of baby showers!  It was SO great to see family and friends and get excited with all the baby boy gifts that make this all the more real. Pictures coming soon.

Meanwhile we rolled in at 11:30PM and I did my 100 [very tired] squats in 2:24 to get something fitnessy in!

My busy week is nearing its end and tomorrow I get to hit the airport one more time to journey back to my sweet husband who I miss a lot. I think he got bored today because he took the dog out for ice cream.  Hahaha.


Ps. Be careful you Thatcher/Safford-ians. Rumor has it you just had a 5+ earthquake. Keep an eye on my brother. :)

Today's time: 2:24
Total June air squats: 1850
Total June WOD time: 3:55:26
CrossFit: 13


  1. Ben went for ice cream with the dog?? hahaha, that cracks me up!!