Day #11 - The day that almost got away.

Crap, today just disappeared and I found myself doing some squats at 10:30!  No time for the gym today for either of us.  Too much to do, I momentarily felt like I was in college again!

I did 150 squats in a record time of 3:54 to keep the streak going!  Pretty good considering I was over 5:00 on like Sunday.  Now I'm super sweaty just in time for bed.  :P  Heaven knows re-showering takes too much effort these days.  I will put on Love Spell?

  • Today's time: 3:54
  • Total June air squats: 950
  • Total June wod time: 1:28:39
  • CrossFit: 4

Ben was promoted today at work so I have to say something because I am so proud of him.  He has been working hard for this and absolutely deserves it!  Now we can upgrade to a mini-van [jk, we will not].  Congrats to my sweetheart, I love you!!!
Today I also had my 25 week doctor appointment!  All is going great and we got a nice picture of him smashing his face.  haha
I rewarded myself for waiting forever at the docs.  This ice cream shop (SWEET REPUBLIC) is right next to my doctor's office, my car just turns into the parking lot on its own.
We also started playing some volleyball, but I decided not to play.  I probably could, but some of those spikes sure come down hard and I like to worry...
And it's past my bedtime.  Have a nice night!

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