Day 9 - Monday Funday...right!?

Happy Monday!
Monday has come and been done and we're almost on to Tuesday!  I hope today treated you well being a Monday and all.  Mine was pretty good, no complaints other than it wasn't Friday. I've been working on a job called the Polynesian Cultural Center (it's in Hawaii, heard of it?), so my days have been fast.

My newly implemented idea of Monday evening read-a-thons held strong.  The pool is warming quickly these days and is up to 86 degrees, so I think it's time to start re-teaching my dog how it can be used to cool him down.  He is perma-terrified of it (especially when it's cold).  Baby steps...
(Still on the same book.  Been falling asleep every time I try to read lately.)
I did my 150 squats for time for the day to keep the streak going.  I can tell my legs are loosening up because they were a little bit easier today and it might be time to bump it up to 200.  Still not my fastest time though (by 7 seconds). 

^^And a 5 minute squat workout is only 1/3% of our day.  #noexcuses #hashtagonmyblog

I followed it up with watermelon chunks+freshly frozen blueberries+freshly frozen grapes smoothie.  It's officially summertime.
Today's time: 150 air squats in 4:26
Total June air squats: 800
Total June wod time: 1:14:04
CrossFit: 3
Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. I saw your dad out running yesterday. I was driving up on highway 89 and I'm pretty sure it was him, although I've only ever seen pics of him on your blog, so....

  2. I love when you blog everyday! You are the cutest mama ever!