Everlasting Juneathon - I hit 1600 squats!

As I mentioned, we have a visitor!  We also had a busy Saturday doing lots of important things, not limited to going Jamba Juice-ing... (I got the sour gummy bear smoothie off the secret menu...YUM, I had no idea about a secret menu?)
Sushi at Ra at Kierland Commons... (Right now I can only choose from 4 of all their many rolls... FOUR)
Live music at Kierland Commons...
Finding out my pup is terrified of James' electric toothbrush...  :(
A visit to the massive Barnes and Noble... (seriously I never find chairs hanging around the shelves)
Driving all over and beyond...
Some time in the sun...
And I believe all these activities were done in 100+ heat!  Even the night music was in 100 degrees, but with the sun down it didn't feel like it.  We have yet to hit a triple double temp and we're cruising into July mighty fast.

For my June fitness, today is Sunday so I went ahead and did 150 squats in record time!  I'm going to still consider 3:36 a new record time even though just two-three weeks ago I could go down into a squat further which obviously would be tougher.  But I also know my legs are getting stronger.

  • Today's time: 3:36
  • Total June air squats: 1600
  • Total June wod time: 3:09:54
  • CrossFit: 10
I hope you have a fabulous new week!

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  1. Ah sushi, missed it so much during pregnancy. Right after zoe was born we went to an all you can eat sushi place