I survived. #Day12

Another day comes, another day goes.  Same stuff, different day, but really no complaints here!  Hopefully the same goes for you.  Plus tomorrow is Friday!!
I got through the workout today, but I sure wasn't feeling accomplished afterwards.  It was so stinkin' hot that I felt like I was battling the heat instead of endurance.  I wanted to quit!  It was a running wod which means the garage doors are open and it was 105+ today, so...

I looked like this:

Granit Soul (Time)
Christy:  25:03
Ben:  15:10 (rx)  <---he squashes everyone

3 rounds of:
400m run
20 pull ups
30 push ups
40 sit ups
I scaled/substituted:
*I [low-impact] rowed instead of ran
*I did my pull ups on the rings
*I did elevated [pregnant] push ups
*I did knee ups to avoid laying on my back <---120 reps, my hands hurt

Here I start my last set up knee ups:
I heard 'click click click' so I turned my head.  I get all these pictures because Ben always finishes so fast.  He's my paparazzi.  :]

  • Today's time: 25:03
  • Total June air squats: 950
  • Total June wod time: 1:53:42
  • CrossFit: 5

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