JD3 - Deadlifts & Appetite

Today I watched 9 hours of The Office, no lie.  I have been watching it for about a month while I work and it hasn't ever gotten old.  (We are watching it now.  ha!)

Meanwhile, today I made it to the gym for the 3rd day of my June workout streak, Juneathon.  My stomach hasn't been too hot this evening, but I made it through.  The first half of class we focus on strength, and the last half we do the workout.

Strength: deadlifts
4x5 @ 85%
My 85% today was 133#.
^^that's what Ben looked like

Workout:  "Appetite" (how appropriate)
Christy:  11:45
Ben:  13:32

hand stand push ups*
hang power cleans*
bar over burpees

*I did strict press 33# in place of hspu (if I go upside down my lunch will not stay put)
*I did kettle bell swings in place of hang power cleans (belly protrudence)

I probably should have gone heavier on my substitutions, but considering not feeling 100%, it was a good enough workout and I am just glad to be able to still get them in.

Our sunsets are starting to become awesome.  I think we're 2 weeks from monsoon season...
  • Today's time: 11:45
  • Total June air squats: 200
  • Total June time spent: 17:50
  • CrossFit: 1

Rykar already went to bed.  Such a grampa.

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