June, we meet again.

The beloved [or despised] #Juneathon has arrived.  I have decided to still participate this year, in all my belly glory.  I miss running like no other, but I'm excited to have some extra motivation to at least get moving and to do some squats and "travel wods!"  <---mostly body weight

The challenge is to run (or get moving in my case) and blog everyday.  I have had my doubts on the blogging portion this year since I have no idea what I can even blog that much about, but at the same time I think it would be a good way to document my summer fitness, prego journey (baby is supposed to double in weight over the next MONTH [and I'm afraid so might I]).

Last year I did an actual running streak and the hottest I ran in was 119 degrees.  It was actually a lot of fun!!

The year before that I mixed in boot camp, CF and other cross training, plus Sunday walks.


  • Total miles run: 52.87 miles 
  • Days run: 18 
  • PR's set: 10k distance at an 8:06 pace 
  • Longest distance: 6.36 miles 
  • Average temperature: 105ish 
  • Races: 1- 10k race in California, the Villa Park Run

Ben and I were talking about how often workouts are super tough, but sometimes they are just defeatingly tough.  I'm not sure if it was the workout itself, the heat (we hit 107!), the extra weight I'm hauling around or the half of a watermelon I consumed right prior, but Friday's was defeatingly tough for me.

Wowza (for time):
Christy: 25:19
Ben: 17:50 (rx)

400m run*
40 push press
40 bar hops*
40 walking lunges
400m run*
30 push press
30 bar hops*
30 walking lunges
400m run*
20 push press
20 bar hops*
20 walking lunges
400m run*

How I scaled:
*I rowed (it's low impact) instead of the running
*I did 20" box step ups (also lower impact) instead of over the bar hops (which also takes longer but it's hard to find substitutes for certain movements)
*I scaled the push press to 32# and thought I might struggle towards the end of the 90 reps but surprised myself and probably could have gone heavier

Rowing is my weakness.  It is exhausting every time.


Since we're starting Juneathon on a Sunday, I started out with a lovely 50 squats for time and called it good.
  • Total squats:  50 in 1:22
  • Total time spent:  01:22
  • CrossFit:  0 (Friday was technically May)
Happy hot June!!

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  1. You impress me with your workouts!! I could not have done any of this while pregnant!! You go girl!