Juneathon #16 - Back Squats

Oh heeey, me again.  I'm a blogging monkey these days.  I sure missed the blogosphere when I was sick, so I hope I'm not too ridiculously annoying clogging up your feeds with my Juneathon challenge.

Today was a pretty good day, no complaints.  I worked long and at one point the UPS man surprised me with an unexpected gift.  A sweet stroller for running!!!!  Thank you to my family!!!!  I can't wait until the day we can run with our lil human munchkin too.  :]
Then the Monday pool read-a-thon tradition fell flat.  It was breezy and overcast-y so I opted for the gym instead.
We worked on our back squats which I haven't done in forever because they rotate back squats on Mondays and I usually miss.  We worked up to 7x2 @ 85% and I ended up at 103#.  There was an obvious lack of agility with my belly this time around, so Frank had me stand on plates to compensate, which helped!  I still can't get super low, but I can get down well enough for now.
I really did a few extra so I could get a picture, and I struggled.  I posted mine first because Ben is just so flawless all the time.  Teach me.
The workout was an AMRAP 6:00 (as many reps as possible in 6 minutes)
Thrusters (I did 33#)
EMOM complete 6 burpees (every minute on the minute)
Your score = how many thrusters you complete.

*I do modified burpees which you hold the plank instead of go down on your stomach on the ground.

  • Today's time: 6:00
  • Total June air squats: 1250
  • Total June wod time: 2:23:57
  • CrossFit: 7
I ended with 44 and Ben finished with 50 at rx.
That was fun.  I wonder what is in store for tomorrow.  Deadlifts...