Juneathon - Another year COMPLETE

Well I'm officially done with my 3rd annual fitness streak where I did something everyday for the month of June, aka Juneathon.  It was easier to do something "fitness related" than an actual running streak like last year, but I still feel pretty good about completing it.

Since we did our 1 rep max testing last week, this week we are focusing on other things and taking a week off of strength.  Today we worked on strict pull ups, or pull-up progressions!  When my turn came, I did one of the first set of five and my ribs were on FIRE so I had to quit.  I was pregnant-irrationally upset that I couldn't continue on.  It sounds silly now, but I was pretty bummed at the moment.  Ben is always good at cheering me up and bringing me back to what really matters...our cute lil baby (even if he's smashing my insides).

For the workout we did "FIGHT GONE BAD," and it was a pretty accurate description!!  It doesn't sound too rough, but it's a killer.

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)
Christy:  208 reps (80+68+60)
Ben:  285 reps (rx)

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots*
Sumo deadlift high-pull*
Box Jumps, 20″*
Row (Calories)

*I used a 14# wall ball and did wall ball thrusters because I am extremely cautious when it comes to throwing weight overhead these days.  Personal option.
*I subbed regular deadlifts for SDHP but mostly because I hurt my wrist in February doing them and it's still not 100%.
*Step ups for lower impact.

I have been feeling braxton hicks these days so I get a little worried if I think I feel anything during a workout and I back off.  I tend to worry and want to be cautious, so I will be double checking my fitness routine with my doctor at my appointment this week just to be safe.

  • Today's time: 17:00 
  • Total June air squats: 2000 
  • Total June WOD time: 4:16:33 
  • CrossFit: 14
Have a fantastic JULY!  Crazy that it starts tomorrow.  Annnd I'll probably be posting tomorrow again anyways, but just my bi-weekly prego update.  :]

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  1. Good to check with your doctor, better safe than sorry. Can't wait for preggo update