Oh hello deadlift PR. You make me happy.

Oh my nelly.  What a busy day.  Made it to the gym.  Thank you Juneathon for the motivation.

Today we tested our 1 rep max after a 6 week period of working on deadlifts every Tuesday.  Six weeks ago I hit #153 and ran out of time knowing I could definitely lift more.  Today I was excited to see how much more I could get.  Time always goes too fast, but I was more prepared.

Deadlift (1 RM)
BB roll, BB Good Morning, BB DL X 8
30% X 5
40% X 5
50% X 3
60% X 3
70% X 3
80% X 2
85% X 2
90% X 1

I got up to 190# and was thrilled.  I think I have more in me next time around (probably will be after the baby), and I'd like to break the 200# "club."  It feels so good to be higher up on the leaderboard because I am usually always lower on lifts because I do have these perma-pencil arms.

Below isn't my final lift...maybe 175#.

(I had Thao take the picture from the front but now I realize that was probably the worst idea if I wanted any flattering angles.)
Ben is amazing and did 335#.  I missed his final lift with my slow trigger finger, but I got a shot of him a couple lifts beforehand.  Hot.
For the workout we did an 8:00 amrap more focused on strength than endurance.

Spotts (AMRAP – Reps)
"Spotts" Amrap 8

Christy:  100
Ben:  138 (rx)

Box Jump 24/30″
Strict Pull Ups*

*I did 24" step ups to keep it low-impact.
*I did ring rows instead of strict pull ups.  I will probably continue on the rings until bebe.

  • Today's time: 8:00
  • Total June air squats: 1600
  • Total June wod time: 3:24:54
  • CrossFit: 12
Have a fabulous humpday tomorrow.

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