On the 2nd day of June...

This past weekend were the southwest regionals for the CrossFit games in July.  If you aren't familiar with the CF Games, they are kind of like CF Olympics and happen every year.  You can sign up to be in the "open" where you do certain workouts at your own gym and depending on your skill level and overall time for these workouts, you're ranked against everybody in the world!  The top ranked in each region go to their regionals, and the top three regional winners (3 girls, 3 guys, 3 teams) go to the games.

Anyways long story short, we are glued to the games each year as there is always someone we "know." To make it to regionals you have to be a beast and one of our coaches competed this year so we got to watch her!  She was amazing!!!
Meanwhile, today the forecast changed to be 110!!  Our first triple double.  I never saw it go over 108 though, so... didn't happen.  Sorry scorpions, you are going to stay hidden a little bit longer.  (In reality they have probably been out prowling the nights for weeks, I am just trying to be naive.)

Triple double or not, I missed the gym to do laps in the pool (slow laps... on a floaty... with my book and frozen grapes).  I am trying to make this pool-read-a-thon a Monday afternoon tradition for the summertime since I no longer embark on an adventurously toasty run every afternoon.  Last summer I had no idea that would probably be the last summer I ever did that.  Those were some fun, sweaty memories.
Today I did 150 air squats for time and ended up finishing in 4:43.  My legs were on fire.

  • Today's air squats:  150 in 4:43
  • Total air squats:  200
  • Total time spent:  6:05
  • CrossFit:  0 (tomorrow...)


  1. Wow! It's hot out your way! I think swimming is just perfect for you during this weather. I think your fur baby would much rather have you home anyway :) How does he do in the heat?

    1. He seems to really enjoy it and always wants to go lay out. I may have to look into puppy sunscreen and some shoes for his paws because the ground is getting too hot during the day!