30 Weeks - Taking it easy!

My age:  29 - I turn 30 the day I hit full term, 37 weeks.

How far along:  30 weeks -- crazy!

Rykar missed the shot above ^^ because, well, he has a new giant bone in his life:

How big is baby:   15.7 inches, the size of a "large cabbage" and about 3# (and doubling+ in the next two months!)

What have you been up to:   I've been working a lot and we've been staying pretty busy which is making time fly by almost a little too fast!  Ben put up some new blinds in the nursery (the previous sellers took two rooms' blinds which we hadn't yet replaced), and a rod and curtains!  I would like to get some sheer drapery panels behind the brown, and possibly tie the brown up.  It's a work in progress but coming along!

I am looking for a rug now, but I can't find anything I like that's not $800+.  Any rug shop recommendations?  Something brown...or brown/blues/white...or not $800.

Also we still haven't hit 110 degrees and summer is practically half way over already.  We did hit a balmy 109 which was pretty close.  So far the summer heat hasn't bothered me in my pregnant state.  The monsoons have started rolling in which is fun though.  Many of our days have been looking like so...

I use this app called MyRadar because I am a nerd and like to storm watch.  Last night's storm was pretty good.

Exercise/Activity Level:  My gym activity has plummeted over the past two weeks as my once random contractions increased and started coming on almost every time I worked out or exerted myself a little extra.

We did a workout the other day that consisted of five rounds, and I started getting contractions during the first round while completely scaling down and going slowly, so I obviously stopped.  I was really bummed out that I actually started tearing up and sweet Ben came over and pep talked me back to my smile.  He is the best and I love him!  The gym and running are huge parts of our lives, but this lil guys trumps them any day!  I had just hoped to get a little further into pregnancy before having to take it easy, so the reality of having 10 more weeks of little activity (plus 6 recovering) is a semi-defeating thought.  Those put on bed rest are rockstars.

My doctor thinks the heat isn't helping the fitness situation, but meanwhile I am still allowed to go to the gym and do something light, and I am also trying to drink extra to stay hydrated which could really help the Braxton Hicks.  Ben ordered me a big pink water bottle that stays cold all day long, and I am going to drink the eff out of it.

Maternity clothes:   I bought two more long shirts and a non-maternity skirt that'll just go under the bump.  I still love the maternity section at Ross.

Stretch marks:   None yet.  Still lubing my stomach/etc. up everyday.  Not sure that does anything, but might as well.

Belly Button:  Borderline flat but not exactly an outie yet.  That's possibly debatable.

Best Moment of the Week:   My brother moved here which is awesome!!!  He starts his new job this week.  We also bought a new car which is a lot of fun.  The truck sold which I guess was kind of sad.

No pictures to share of the new car, but it looks like this white one:

Worst Moment of the Week:   The glucose test that I was dreading.  Drinking the orange stuff wasn't that terrible at all until the end of the bottle when the volume was becoming a bit much.  The blood draw, meh, a little woozy, do-able.

The almost worst part was that amount of glucose unexpectedly hitting my stomach like a brick.  For over a week I had been planning to buy donuts to celebrate a good appointment, but for the first time I didn't want sugar.  Not even oreo donuts!  (I would like one right now though.)

The worst part was a week later finding out that I FAILED MY 1-HOUR GLUCOSE TEST by 6 points.  Suck.

Food cravings:   None really, more fruit and watermelon.  These...

Food aversions:   Still nauseated in the morning but after that goes away I can eat.

Symptoms:   Hmmm just super, super tired.  I did find out I'm low on iron though, which probably contributes.  My pelvis hurts when I move.  I have noticed my hips are a little wider than they were before.  I wonder if that'll go back at all or if I'm going to be getting all new jeans post baby.  But that's all I can think of.  Doing pretty good these days

Movement:   All the time, especially when I eat watermelon and cold things!  I have felt him having the hiccups too (like right now).  Ben was able to feel him hiccuping too.  So awesome.

Gender:   Boy!

What I’m looking forward to:   Seeing my family/friends at my sister's wedding soon enough.  We are really excited for her!  And meeting our lil man.  So many fun things in store.

This is an amazing video that my mom posted on my Facebook page.  It really is miraculous and gives me chills (and the music is awesome).

What I’m nervous about/praying for:   I sound like a broken record, but I'm dreading the glucose test and blood drawS.  This time, however, it's probably actually going to be a little rough because it's the 3 hour test and I'm a pansy.

And I pray things continue to go well with our cute lil munchkin.

What I miss:   Pushing myself at the gym.  Knowing my relationship with food like I used to.

Next appointment:  7/23/14, I am going every three weeks now.


  1. Suggestion: Do the 1 hour test again! If it is that close, you might pass the 2nd time, just don't eat anything sugary that day. I would talk to your doctor!

  2. You look so cute! Loving the baby bump!

  3. And your still in your 4 inch spike heels!!!!! You crazy woman!!!!!
    But you look stunning!!!!!! Cannot wait to see that babe!!!!! Xoxoox

  4. I'm afraid of taking that glucose test! I took one early on for some reason, so it's not the drink that bothers me, it's the fear of failure.

    Debating whether I should curtain up my blinds in the nursery room (called that because nothing has been done yet!)...

  5. Ugh! When I read you have to do the glucose test again I felt like crying for you. And I'm sorry you're still nauseous. I have actually gone a few days without throwing up so it's like a miracle. I'm really excited for you guys!!!

  6. I can't believe you are 30 weeks already. Pregnancies that are not your own always seem to fly by. Bummer about the glucose test. I never had to do the the hour, one hour was plenty for me, ugh! Look up the the Shrinkzx hip band, I've heard good things but never tried it because there were mixed reviews on it post c section.

  7. Ugh, I hate those glucose tests!!! And you are looking amazing!!! Getting so close to that due date!!!