Baby Showering!

Last week I flew up to northern Utah to celebrate little baby Buhr in all my his growing glory.  It was a wonderful trip and I had so much fun!  It was fun to see family and friends and to hang out with my mom and step-dad.  They're awesome!

My mom & grams threw me a shower and we had it at my grandma's house.  The weather was gorgeous that day and we all ended up under the shade of a ginormous tree.

Below:  Josie and Kara standing next to the table with goody bags that my wonderful mom put together!  They had blue "It's a boy" Hershey's kisses that came straight from Hershey Pennsylvania thanks to my step-dad, Jeff!

Seriously the cutest...

It's still crazy that we are having a little baby soon.  I open gifts and think 'why am I opening baby gifts, I don't have a baby!' Then I'm immediately like "Holy crap!!  We're having a baby!!!"  Then he kicks me and I'm amazed at the whole miraculous process.

Talking with Jamie...seriously...apparently.

This giraffe liked to put his head in the fan.  lol

Our photographer, James.  Also I'm sad Maddi's eyes are closed.  Sorry!

Lacey handmade her gifts which is especially amazing to somebody who can't sew.

The Thunderbirds were out doing the air show so we kind of got one of our own.

Then it was up to see my sister in law, Liz, and crew!  Liz is wonderful and I'm lucky to have her as my sister in law.  She put on my epic bachelorette party a few years back, and is always thoughtful.  (The picture below is close, by not quite complete.)

Thank you for the wonderful gifts!!!

A pic of my Jessica Simpsons appeared on the camera.  Well of course I had to post them.

You can't see the millions of chocolate chips under the giant cloud of whipped cream, but they are definitely there.

Then it was back to Arizona to see my hunk of a husband.


On a really funny side note, while I was baby showering, Ben sent me these pictures:

"Guess where I am?"  Hahaha.  Such a dreamer.

Thank you to everybody for the wonderful gifts and for taking the time to come out and help us celebrate this lil guy!  We are getting really excited to meet him and we are so grateful for the love and support.  What an awesome trip!!

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Cute shower! I'm sure I'm totally going to feel the same way once the baby stuff starts coming in (which means, that currently hasn't happened yet!).

  2. I love that striped dress!!

  3. Yeah for baby showers, this is so special. Enjoy! BTW, love your dress, you look super cute.