Last Week

Well the 4th of July has come and gone again so faaast.

The 4th used to be my all time favorite holiday when our family had traditions and we had a float in the Layton parade each year (this was the first year we didn't).  

It's still a big deal holiday in Arizona (how can it not be?), but it's not our "prime weather season" so it's not as hugely celebrated throughout the day time and I don't think you are allowed to do fireworks within the Phoenix city limits (which is actually GREAT when you have a dog or slumbering baby <-- that one is a conclusion drawn from Facebook).

The other night our neighbors shot off fireworks in their backyard (so inconspicuous) while Rykar was out back.  I ran out there and found him hiding at the side of the house where he never goes.  Sad!!  Anyways, there are lots of city celebrations, but it's just not the same!  I loved Layton City's traditions and do miss them.

Below:  2010 4th of July in Layton, fun memories made

This year Ben and I just spent the holiday weekend doing whatever in the cooler /cloudy weather (monsoons have arrived!!!).  And we bought a car.  No night celebrations for this prego grandma, but we did see an airplane show of sorts.

We didn't buy this car (I wish!) but BMW just released their new X4 and it is AWESOME.  It's smaller than the X6, cheaper too, but similar.  We've been waiting for its release for longer than the Macan, it just took forever!

[My 4th of July outfit was lame as.]

Last week Rykar celebrated his 11th birthday!  I'm not sure he ate any dog food that day aside from treats.  Happy Birthday to my cutest lil puppy, partner in crime and co-worker.  He's pretty stoked here... OMG SIX treats.... 'are you serious right now?'

Over the past while we came to the realization that it was time to sell our truck.  :(  It has been Ben's baby since long before we ever met, but it has become my sole way of transportation since Ben commutes greater than 50 feet. 

Big Red is just too big for me to haul around a baby in, and is just too gas guzzling for a daily commuter, so it went up for sale last week, and bittersweetly sold last night.

Last week I was told to tone it down because my workouts (I think it's the heat) have been bringing on long contractions (long is bad, oops).

I've started sporting my compression socks to see if I can't combat the swelling that I know is around the corner, but frankly just putting them on is probably enough to put me into preterm labor.

Heaven knows I can't get them off by myself.

Last week my little brother moved to Arizona which is beyond awesome and we're pretty stoked about (AZ is now 2 for 2 for my brothers).  "We" helped him move, and he is about to start a new job.  It sounds like he is enjoying it so far.  :]

Last week the monsoons really started rolling in and we have been facing some haboob-age, storms and lots of cloudiness.  I will have to take some pictures or at least find some good ones of the haboob that grounded the whole airport.  Craziness.

Somebody posted this one to Fox10's FB...

Now we are almost through with this week.  Thank heavens.  We're ready for the weekend!  Have a fantastic remainder of the week.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY.