37 Weeks - Breech

My age:  29 - until tomorrow

How far along:  37 weeks - "term" or "pre-term" or whatever you call it.  Baby is technically allowed to come.

Labor signs:  On Wednesday I was only dilated to 1/2 cm.  I've been having an increase in Braxton Hicks, even waking me at night, and they last a long time.  I have no idea if that means anything, but truckin' along...

How big is baby:   Baby measured in at 6 lbs 1 oz last Wednesday so he is probably a few ounces bigger.  Doctor L said somewhere in the 40th percentile but with good growth over the past weeks so that is great to hear.  She also said that she doesn't want him to get bigger than 7-7.5 lbs if he were to keep it up.  I've read that my own birth weight can sometimes indicate the size of my baby's weight, and I was close to 8 lbs (but also the second child).

What have you been up to:   Novel time...

Ben and I went in for our final ultra sound on Wednesday (at 36w 2d) where they check to see if baby's head is down, etc.  I have felt baby's what I thought to be bum, shoved up into my ribs for the past many weeks.  Even the tech pushed on it and was like, "yeah that feels like his lil bum!"  Then she did the ultra sound and she was like, "oh.  That's actually baby's head.  Baby is breech."  

Uhh umm.  Oh.

Doctor L said we could give baby until 37w 2d (aka Wednesday September 3rd) to see if he has flipped before we schedule a C section, meanwhile I can try some different things to see if they help.  I'll admit I was pretty skeptical of baby turning because he hasn't been that mobile for awhile that I have been able to tell (I can tell when he is horizontal), but one of our CF coaches had her baby head down, breech a week later, back head down a week later at like 38 weeks.  But I guess that amount of mobility this late in the game is quite rare, so who really can know.

Baby is frank breech.  Head in my ribs, legs running along my right side.  Feet at my right ribs.

It's been four days and I can still feel his head in my ribs and unless he turned overnight and it's his bum now, he'll probably be arriving by way of C section in two weeks.  The initial shock of it has worn off and I'm really at peace with it now.  My original birth plan was to give me the drugs anyway, so it hasn't been too hard to swallow the fact that he may come via surgery.

I'm not sure what to expect for recovery, but thankfully Ben has time off work and my mom will be here to help, C section or not.


That being said, we have been really working on the nursery and getting everything totally ready and washed!  We also took a breastfeeding class and have an infant CPR class lined up for this upcoming week.  I have a couple more jobs to get done for work, then it will be time to just focus.

Exercise/Activity Level:   Crossfit.  I'm taking it easy still.  I'm having a lot of contractions even when I'm not working out, and going into labor with a breech baby really scares me so I'm cautious.  But I am still cleared to go workout.

Here is my latest 120# front squat.

Maternity clothes:   My maternity purchasing days are over.

Stretch marks:   None yet.

Belly Button:   Flat.

Sleep:   Getting more uncomfortable but also more tired which helps.

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing the little guy on ultra sound.  He's gotten so much bigger than the last time we saw him when he was only 1lb 12 oz.

Worst Moment of the Week:   I would say finding out baby is breech, but all else looked good so in reality I'll take the breech fact over any other issue!  I'll just go with being uncomfortable as my worst moment.  And the swelling that showed up.  :/

Food cravings:  After the doctor's appointment we bought cronuts (croissant + donut).  Hoorah for delicious carbs.  These last couple of weeks I'm throwing my diet to the wind.

Food aversions:  Still morning sickness in the morning, etc., but nothing afterwards.

Symptoms:  I'm swelling now which seemed to come on overnight.  One symptom I have never had is heartburn.  I wonder if that really means baby has peach fuzz on his head.

Movement:  Yup.  He is super active these days.  I think I can feel every movement in there now.

Gender:   Baby boy!

What I’m looking forward to:   Meeting him!!  It is so close and yet just doesn't seem real still.  Also my birthday tomorrow which happens to be a holiday too.

And seeing how this lil only child likes being a big brother.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:   That all works out in delivery like it should.

What I miss:   My sitting body temperature seems to be the same, but it doesn't take much work/effort to make me hot.  Getting dressed makes me sweaty.

Next appointment:   9/3/14 + a possible ultra sound again to see if baby B has flipped.  TBC...

36 Weeks - A basketball belly.

We have a guessing game going on and you can play too if you wanna: 

My age:  29 (for one more week!)

How far along:  36 weeks - the last month!!  <---That's awesomely frightening.

It is an OMG belly now.

How big is baby:   He could be somewhere around 6 pounds!  We will get a more accurate measurement this week at our final ultrasound.

What have you been up to:   I'm still working a little OT but the work pressure is slowing so I can soon focus on baby prep [and napping].

Last week we took a recommended class called "Will I Ever Sleep Again?" which covered basics on how to get your baby on a sleeping schedule along with learning about feeding times, how to calm your baby, and what to expect to a degree, etc.  The info was awesome and I sure plan to utilize it.  There were a bunch of tiny newborns in the class and one was 12 days old and he was still only 8 pounds.  Ben and I were in awe with how cute and tiny he was.  His little cry was so adorable.  I can't believe we'll soon have a little one of our own.

We spent time on getting the last of our needed items and worked on the nursery!  We also have started to wash the baby clothes and pack our hospital bags.

This outfit (below) both my 20 year old and 26 year old brothers wore.  I am surprised how well the clothes/elastics kept from clear back then.  I am so excited to put them on our lil guy too!!

I still want to take classes on breastfeeding and also one on infant CPR and then I think we're set.

We also survived a monsoon storm that decided to flood everything, but I will probably post some pictures later.  It was crazy and the freeway became a channel for the water [while people were driving on it].  And we live next to the freeway, so yeah.

And I just wrote a novel.  :S

Exercise/Activity Level:   Still doing CrossFit about 3-4 times a week but taking it easy.  After this week I am allowed to have "as many contractions as I want," without concern.  I'm fairly certain that doesn't mean I can kick it back up a notch at the gym, but I'm just quoting my doctor.  :]  97% of babies are matured by 37 weeks.

I'm still not a huge fan of rowing and I look forward to doing my favorite cardio activity very soon... running!

Maternity clothes:   I bought two shirts and that bright colored skirt above that I should be able to wear afterwards too.  I needed something new to wear to my shower.  :]  I'm on major outfit repeat.

Stretch marks:   None yet.  Home stretch ahead!

Belly Button:   Flat-ish and stretched, but not an outie yet which kind of surprises me.

Sleep:  Still truckin' along but getting more uncomfortable on my side.

Best Moment of the Week:   I had a local baby shower and it was a lot of fun and I got some more great advice.  I was so caught up in chatting that I really sucked at pictures, but I will have to get some that I think Catherine took who threw the shower.  She is wonderful.  Look at this lunch and dessert crepe bar...

And one weekend we ate crab and shrimp with Nate/Becky and my brother.  It was fun and so freaking good that I think we'll be going back soon.

Followed by Bahama Bucks (and a flattering image of us all).

Worst Moment of the Week:   I have noticed that lately I get frustrated/irritated a lot easier than usual.

I had one lady at church tell me at 35 weeks that I looked like I was going to pop, which...lol I would never say that.  Now looking at my 36 week pictures I'll admit I do credit her accuracy.

Food cravings:  I haven't had many cravings and my fruit consumption has even slowed.  I guess I do want s'mores.  Ben makes the best ones in the toaster oven.

Food aversions:  Same deal.

Symptoms:   Back pain, but only on the right.  My right leg also likes to go numb and sometimes I can't get it to wake up very well which drives me bonkers.  I find floating in the pool to help and have been trying to do as much as possible.  I am also noticing swelling these days, but it hasn't been too bad yet.  Overall we're doing pretty good over here I'd say.

There was a froggy swimming around so I rescued him.  We found one dead in the pool the next day.  :(  I think it was my fault because I didn't take him outside of our yard.

Movement:   All of the time!  He seems to have been rotating a bunch over the past few weeks but prefers my right side.

Gender:   Boy!

What I’m looking forward to:   Meeting him!!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:   Now that we're getting closer to the day, I am nervous for breastfeeding.  Probably even more so than delivering!  I know it's supposed to be a natural thing, but I don't think I'm going to see it as such.  Maybe I'm not human, or maybe I'm just very honest.

What I miss:   I can't remember how it feels to be limber and quick.  I am looking forward to bouncing out of bed in the mornings and getting back to my old, comfy self.  Right now getting out of bed is quite painful and I can tell my joints are loosened.

Next appointment:   8/27 regular 36 week appointment (this week) +my final ultra sound, then we go to weekly appointments!

Maternity Must Haves

Maternity Must Haves

These are some of my maternity must haves that I've loved over the past 9 months of pregnancy.  Just one more month to go, which is entirely insane to think of in itself!
  1. Equate's Baby Oil Gel  (Johnson & Johnson also makes some) - I have used this religiously on my belly and it is like baby oil but thicker, thus it absorbs and stays on your skin longer.  At 35 weeks, my stomach has never been dry!  I go to bed with it on and wake up with a still moist (hate that word) belly.  Be careful not to get this on clothes you love because like oil, it doesn't wash out easily if at all.  Always wear an undershirt or full panel after lubing up.  Or jammies.
  2. Full panel maternity - These polka dot shorts I bought on Zulily (good maternity option) so they are definitely sold out, but I bought many of my maternity jeans at Ross (only select Ross' have a maternity section).  Once I started to get bigger I completely stopped wearing my regular jeans because I didn't want to be reminded daily of how fast my body was changing (because it's so hard to imagine it ever going back).  Plus regular jeans are uncomfortable sitting at a desk while you are pregnant, so I opted to go straight to maternity.  Best decision ever.
  3. Wunder Under Crop yoga capris - I bought some of these a couple of sizes up when I first got pregnant so that they weren't super skin tight.  Now I still wear them all the time and they aren't too tight on my belly.  I like these ones because you don't have the Lulu Lemon logo at the bottom of the capri leg advertising to the world, but also because I can wear regular tops with them and they don't look fitnessy.
  4. Under Armour Endure Sports Bra - These are sooooo much easier to get on than regular sports bras and are super supportive for CrossFit (or running, etc.) that the days of doubling up are no longer.  The zipper bottom has never ever crossed my mind as being uncomfortable, but I also have numb ribs so that could have something to do with it.  I really don't think it's an issue unless you are running a long distance (then I'd probably put a barrier between it and my skin at the bottom of the zipper JIC).
  5. Gummy prenatal vitamins - I started out taking a specific 3 horse pills prenatal that my doctor had recommended, but I could NOT keep it down for the life of me.  It got so bad that if I looked at the countertop where I kept them, my stomach would flop.  My doctor had me try these gummies because they would do enough, and they are the winner for those with sickness that can't keep things down (and they're cheap!).
  6. CEP Compression Socks (or really any that you prefer, I still have not tried PRO but I do LOVE CEP) - I have been wearing these to work out in and although nearly impossible to put on right now, and completely impossible to get off by myself, it keeps swelling down which makes it worth the battle.  It also helps with varicose veins according to my doctor.  I also wear them while traveling/flying to help with circulation!
  7. Water Your Body free phone app - I should have started using this LONG ago, but it is a phone app that monitors your water intake.  I drink a lot while I work out, but I do not drink enough while absorbed in my work during the day!  You should be consuming 1/2 your body weight in ounces at least, per day.  The #1 cause of preterm labor is dehydration, and upping my water intake has drastically decreased my Braxton Hicks.  This app alarms to remind you to take a swig.  Mine's set every 30 minutes and the alarm is just a short sound of a cup being filled with water, and I don't have to pick up my phone or anything after the reminder goes off.  I just drink!
  8. Comfy wedges (if you "risk" your life with heels) - These Steve Madden Wanting wedges are, dare I say, the comfiest shoes I own right now!  I wear the crap out of them and they are my walking shoes.  These ones are still at the outlets, but I think they are sold out most places.  But there are a lot of similar ones (like the Wannabe) that are probably just as comfy, but will make you feel cute and help compensate for the horizontal growth.  ;)
  9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation - I've worn Bare Escentuals powder/pressed powder foundation for yeeeeears, but once I got pregnant my skin got even oilier (didn't know that was possible) and the foundation wouldn't stick, and then it would slide all around within an hour's time and look like complete crap.  I switched to this and I still dust a tiny bit of BE over top, but it has been a lifesaver and covers up my pregnant skin, whether a little or a lot needed that day.  I can even work out in it and it doesn't melt off.  THAT is a miracle makeup, especially considering the climate here in Arizona.
  10. Hydro Flask - The best for water consumption (to go along with #7)!  I can set this bottle in the 105 degree direct sunlight, and the ice still doesn't melt!  It is vacuum insulated so it will stay nice and cold alllllll day or night.  I carry it with me everywhere we go:  gym, church, out to dinner, shopping, Sunday drive, etc.  Ben has one that is from Under Armour that he has also loved over the years.


Things that make me happy (aka Friday Favorites):

In honor of shark week (this was posted to the Iggy FB page I am part of):

Rykar and I played hooky from the gym:
The water is 89 degrees!  ^^ Floating is one way I get comfortable.

Hot air balloons were out yesterday morning.  I guess low 80s is cool enough for them:

How can something horrific in adult size be so adorable in kidlet size:
I'm sad they are sold out.

Our latest 411 paged blogbook arrived.

To add to our collection.

In our spot of memories:
We are still one book behind.  These books document the first time I met my husband, first marathon, getting engaged, getting married, getting pregnant, moving, etc.  THE BEST INVENTION = BLOGGING.

This watch is beautiful:

This saying is spot on:

Today there is a taxi on my large belly:


Our monsoons have been crap so far, but the summer temps have been mostly pleasant.  It was dark-ish, so these people are blurred a bit, but I still thought it was pretty.

Friday is the best.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

34 Weeks - Drink lots of H2O!

My age:  29

How far along:  34 weeks

It was dark and we were in a hurry with these ones.  Why fix the tone when it makes me look ridiculously tan (to slight oompa loompa-ish)?

How big is baby:   4-3/4# and the size of a cantaloupe!  We had a cantaloupe the other day and that is so big.  Baby is getting chubby by the moment and his lungs are maturing.  Babies born between 34-37 weeks are pre-mature but often have no extra health problems in the long haul.  I love when I read facts like that although we have no plans to see B early.

What have you been up to:   I'm still working a lot and time is flying.  We're feeling a bit of pressure with getting stuff prepped and ready and recently made a HUGE to do/buy list.  Things are pretty much the same except I'm getting bigger a lot quicker!  I'm not sure what happened, but I went from a 2 on the uncomfortable scale to an 8 literally overnight.  Maybe baby re-positioned, or maybe this is just the new me.

People always ask how I'm dealing with the summer heat, but honestly it hasn't bothered me except for when we were up in Utah for my sister's wedding I got really hot on their wedding day.  It was 95 and sunny, but still that's no 105-115...so who knows what my deal was.  It could possibly be all the rushing and walking and constantly moving around.  Little tasks do take a lot more energy than they did before.

Ben's boss put together a baby shower for us on a Friday where the pricing team all went in and bought us some awesome gifts and we had lunch together!  People are way too generous and kind.

Um giant-est Paradise Bakery cookie.  So freaking good.

Saturday we went to an all day Intensive Birthing Basics class at the hospital we will be delivering at.  It was really informative and great!  During the class the instructor put up a picture of a girl in heels and talked about how heels are a no-no during pregnancy because you could fall.  I was the only one in the entire room in heels that I could see.  lol  Then the instructor (who was really cool) said Ben and I would be "cool" parents.  haha I'm not sure what she means by that, but she was a fun instructor.

(Ben's Monster, I just smelled the goodness. ^^ Really I'm not a pregnant risk-taker!)

Exercise/Activity Level:   I'm still doing CrossFit but it's modified and really scaled down now to keep my heart rate low to avoid anymore activity induced contractions.  And I drink a lot of water.

These comics make me laugh.

Interesting fact!! The #1 cause for pre-term labor?  Dehydration.  At this point in pregnancy you should be using the bathroom every 45 minutes to an hour!  We learned this in our birthing class.  Water consumption is SO IMPORTANT.

I just started using a free app called "Water Your Body" that reminds me to drink water.  I have it set to alarm every 30 minutes and I have a goal water amount to drink daily.  The alarm is just the sound of somebody filling up a cup with water.  It has helped so far, especially living in the hot desert.

Maternity clothes:   I feel like I'm on outfit repeat these days but we're getting close to the end so I find it harder to buy more.  I'll probably need another shirt or so.  My workout attire are starting to become belly shirts, but oh well.  Going for that sexy look.

Stretch marks:   None yet.  I think the home stretch will be the ultimate test of belly stretching.

Belly Button:   Still mostly flat and weird looking.

Sleep:  This question actually disappeared for the past couple of months and I just now realized it.  :P  So yeah, I am sleeping okay, but if I don't take 1/2 of a Unisom then my neck problems reappear and I have a hard time falling back to sleep after a potty run.  I'm always ready for bed by the end of the night though.  Or by like 2pm.  :]

Best Moment of the Week:   We had fun celebrating Ben's birthday!  We had a bunch of stuff come in the mail these past weeks so it's been like Christmas everyday.  Also the shower at Ben's work was really nice, plus that entire weekend was just overall great together plus hangin' with my bro.

And my dog.  He creates a million best moments of every week.  He cracks me up.

Worst Moment of the Week:   I've been tired and am feeling a bit large these days.  I joke that the three hardest things I do everyday are:
3-put on my shoes,  
2-put on my socks (emphasis on compression)
1-get out of bed.  
This past weekend my Braxton Hicks intensified and some weirdness was going on which had us a little more concerned, but things have seemed to chill out and I go in to see my doc this week.

Ben is great.  I have a hard time doing up my shoes now, so he always helps!  Pregnancy is definitely a team thing.  (Changing out of my organ shoes into some of the most non-pregnant friendly shoes that buckle and tie...)

We also missed my sister's Cali wedding reception...boo.  I didn't have it in me to drive after a previous weekend up in Utah for her wedding, and having little down time lately.  It looked like an amazing reception!

Food cravings:  I haven't had many cravings this whole pregnancy.  I still eat lots of chicken and also fruit and escaped harm from the Costco recall last month.

Food aversions:  Just most food while nauseated.  Same deal.

Symptoms:   I keep forgetting to mention, but my hair has nearly stopped growing!!  It's great for shaving since that is a bit more difficult these days.  I have heard of the opposite happening during pregnancy, but not really having little growth, and typically my hair grows expensively fast.

I'm feeling more squished inside and can tell baby is starting to run out of room thus I have bulges at random locations (which are kind of fun to see).  I really haven't had much back pain for a couple of months so I forgot about how annoying it can be.  The nausea seems to have kicked it up a notch which is one thing I'm really looking forward to losing post baby.

Movement:   All of the time.  Sometimes he likes to dance or hiccup at 4am and I just smile.

Gender:   Boy!

What I’m looking forward to:   Feeling a little more prepared.  I'm looking forward to work slowing down so I can find the time to prepare, wash and clean, etc.

I have a local shower towards the end of the month which will be fun.  As we get closer to our due date, I can't even comprehend how it will feel to hold him for the first time.  We are getting really excited and incredibly nervous with this new role of parenthood.  As ready as Ben and I both are to have this lil guy join us, I don't feel ready at all!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:   That birth won't go according to plan.  Plan=get to hospital in time, give me epidural.  We've done a test run to the ER /hospital entrance we need to go to.  We are clearly first timers.  :D

What I miss:   Controlling my bladder when I sneeze or work out.  Now I know what my friends were talking about.

Next appointment:   8/13 regular check up, 8/27 regular appointment +my final ultra sound, then weekly appointments start I believe, and I'll probably go to weekly blog posts because these ones are getting long!