2 Sisters & a Shower (+ a Wedding)

My sister got married!  Yay!!  It was our 3rd immediate family wedding in just over a year and a half (consequently the 2nd one Elder Hales has been there only in spirit for).  For this one we all flew up to northern Utah, including the bride and groom who both live in Cali.  It really was a fabulous day and they seem so happy together.

Ben and I went up a little early to get some relaxing in and we had a bridal/baby shower at my dad's house thrown by Laura, our step-mom!  On trips up north, we usually stay at my mom's house in the Provo-ish area and then just take an hour train trip up to my dad's house in Davis County.

[Can I point out that my eyes do not look the hugest.  This does not happen very often in my life.]

Jolie and I are 2-1/2 years apart.

At the shower I sat there thinking about how 20 years ago I never would have imagined that we'd be having a bridal slash baby shower together.

I have some pictures from the group, but I think some attendants are more protective about internet privacy, so I willn't post to be safe.

Tracine put together some games and we played a bridal word scramble and the baby dirty diaper game.  We also guessed how many jelly bellies were in the bottle and I guessed 249 and the answer was 250!  And get this, I didn't win!!  Laura guessed it right on the money!!!  (But I ate one, so technically...)

We alternated gift opening.  It was a great time.  Thank you to all who came!

I'm not sure what is going on in the background of the pic below.

And a couple pictures of my sweetheart and I + rapidly growing baby B.

Then July 26th was the awaited wedding day, 11:00am at the Mount Timpanogos Temple.  It was a gorgeous day, 95 degrees and completely sunny and a little toasty during pictures.

(Can I say hoorah for a hot husband.)

Photobombed by the bride.

The luncheon was at Olive Garden which was just what we all needed to endure the eventful weekend (delicious carbs!!).  

It also wouldn't be a wedding day without some sort of unplanned excitement.  This day it was the bride and groom's car battery dying and them getting stranded at the temple, and many of us an hour late to the reception after trying to figure out the problem.

The head table with the important people:

The reception was at Canterbury, the place we all have our receptions!  This was family reception #4 there.  (I didn't take a lot of pictures, I left that to the photographer Bry.  My steam was running out.)

But we enjoyed ourselves.

Then the bride and groom took off for a week in Cancun before returning to California for their second reception, a movie themed reception (my sister has a master's in film directing)!  Look how cute...

They are both really creative.

And just like that, they are finally married!

And just like that, my sister's wedding where, "OMG I will be 32 weeks pregnant," has come and gone.  Which makes me 33 weeks.  Wow.


  1. What a beautiful wedding. I love the pink and black. You and your family are so beautiful!

  2. You look amazing. Love all the matching outfits.

  3. Great that you two got to celebrate together! Love your maxi skirt. Can't find one that isn't too long for my shortness.

  4. Love it! When you get a sec, could you email me all your pics?