37 Weeks - Breech

My age:  29 - until tomorrow

How far along:  37 weeks - "term" or "pre-term" or whatever you call it.  Baby is technically allowed to come.

Labor signs:  On Wednesday I was only dilated to 1/2 cm.  I've been having an increase in Braxton Hicks, even waking me at night, and they last a long time.  I have no idea if that means anything, but truckin' along...

How big is baby:   Baby measured in at 6 lbs 1 oz last Wednesday so he is probably a few ounces bigger.  Doctor L said somewhere in the 40th percentile but with good growth over the past weeks so that is great to hear.  She also said that she doesn't want him to get bigger than 7-7.5 lbs if he were to keep it up.  I've read that my own birth weight can sometimes indicate the size of my baby's weight, and I was close to 8 lbs (but also the second child).

What have you been up to:   Novel time...

Ben and I went in for our final ultra sound on Wednesday (at 36w 2d) where they check to see if baby's head is down, etc.  I have felt baby's what I thought to be bum, shoved up into my ribs for the past many weeks.  Even the tech pushed on it and was like, "yeah that feels like his lil bum!"  Then she did the ultra sound and she was like, "oh.  That's actually baby's head.  Baby is breech."  

Uhh umm.  Oh.

Doctor L said we could give baby until 37w 2d (aka Wednesday September 3rd) to see if he has flipped before we schedule a C section, meanwhile I can try some different things to see if they help.  I'll admit I was pretty skeptical of baby turning because he hasn't been that mobile for awhile that I have been able to tell (I can tell when he is horizontal), but one of our CF coaches had her baby head down, breech a week later, back head down a week later at like 38 weeks.  But I guess that amount of mobility this late in the game is quite rare, so who really can know.

Baby is frank breech.  Head in my ribs, legs running along my right side.  Feet at my right ribs.

It's been four days and I can still feel his head in my ribs and unless he turned overnight and it's his bum now, he'll probably be arriving by way of C section in two weeks.  The initial shock of it has worn off and I'm really at peace with it now.  My original birth plan was to give me the drugs anyway, so it hasn't been too hard to swallow the fact that he may come via surgery.

I'm not sure what to expect for recovery, but thankfully Ben has time off work and my mom will be here to help, C section or not.


That being said, we have been really working on the nursery and getting everything totally ready and washed!  We also took a breastfeeding class and have an infant CPR class lined up for this upcoming week.  I have a couple more jobs to get done for work, then it will be time to just focus.

Exercise/Activity Level:   Crossfit.  I'm taking it easy still.  I'm having a lot of contractions even when I'm not working out, and going into labor with a breech baby really scares me so I'm cautious.  But I am still cleared to go workout.

Here is my latest 120# front squat.

Maternity clothes:   My maternity purchasing days are over.

Stretch marks:   None yet.

Belly Button:   Flat.

Sleep:   Getting more uncomfortable but also more tired which helps.

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing the little guy on ultra sound.  He's gotten so much bigger than the last time we saw him when he was only 1lb 12 oz.

Worst Moment of the Week:   I would say finding out baby is breech, but all else looked good so in reality I'll take the breech fact over any other issue!  I'll just go with being uncomfortable as my worst moment.  And the swelling that showed up.  :/

Food cravings:  After the doctor's appointment we bought cronuts (croissant + donut).  Hoorah for delicious carbs.  These last couple of weeks I'm throwing my diet to the wind.

Food aversions:  Still morning sickness in the morning, etc., but nothing afterwards.

Symptoms:  I'm swelling now which seemed to come on overnight.  One symptom I have never had is heartburn.  I wonder if that really means baby has peach fuzz on his head.

Movement:  Yup.  He is super active these days.  I think I can feel every movement in there now.

Gender:   Baby boy!

What I’m looking forward to:   Meeting him!!  It is so close and yet just doesn't seem real still.  Also my birthday tomorrow which happens to be a holiday too.

And seeing how this lil only child likes being a big brother.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:   That all works out in delivery like it should.

What I miss:   My sitting body temperature seems to be the same, but it doesn't take much work/effort to make me hot.  Getting dressed makes me sweaty.

Next appointment:   9/3/14 + a possible ultra sound again to see if baby B has flipped.  TBC...


  1. Sorry to hear about breech, certainly not something you expected. But you are right, as long as the little one is healthy, there is nothing to worry about. Soon you will meet this guy!!! Soo exciting!!

  2. I can't believe you are already at 37 weeks! It went by fast!! You look great though. I can't believe you can still do those squats I wouldn't of been able to. So excited to see pics of the sweet little guy!!

  3. What a little stinker! Hopefully he turns for you. If not I can say after two C-sections they aren't terrible. Not ideal, but not terrible. I felt the same way, I wasn't anti-drug at all, and just wanted them here safe and healthy. Message me on FB if you would like some fun C-section pointers. For now we'll just cross our fingers that he turns! Can't wait to start seeing posts about the little man!

  4. Good luck! I've been learning that you pretty much need to be ready for anything in this process. Hopefully it all turns out (hah) well!

  5. You look so pretty in that top picture!
    You're so fit, you'll bounce back easily no matter how you deliver! I have nothing to compare it to, but I had a c-section and I wasn't any worse off than anyone else as far as I know. The scar is low enough that only your hubby and your waxist ;) will ever even see it. One plus side is your doc may even be able to sew your lower abs back into place!