Birthday Weekend Shtuff

Mister Ben turned 36 last week, so we celebrated!

I did something a little different for birthday cake this year.  I made these delicious smores rice crispy treat pinwheels that turned out freaking good.

You essentially make regular rice crispy treats, then layer with marshmallow cream and then top with (melted) Hershey's chocolate bars, then you finally roll it up and put it in the fridge to harden a bit.  We ate that huge log of carbs in like two days and I felt horrible about myself.  #worthit

The recipe can be found here at: if you need an actual recipe, or you like better pictures.

Since Ben's birthday was on a Tuesday, we fully celebrated it on the weekend!  We started out by going to CrossFit with my little brother, on Saturday morning!  It's awesome having my bro live close-ish, and it was his first experience at CF so we had to go along with!

It was a partner wod called "Pet Rock."  (Pet rock = kettlebell.)  I think James was sold.

Then it was straight to Bahama Bucks.

Then we ran fun errands (read: obtaining new things like birthday shoes for Ben and I'm-hauling-our-huge-baby-in-my-belly shoes for me):

Look how cute these baby boy Noosas are.

I feel bad because we haven't been to a movie since I got prego because I was sick.  Now I'm just tired and my back has been hurting more so we still haven't gone...until this weekend we saw Guardians of the Galaxy at Ben's request!  It was great, we all loved it.

(Ben bribes me by first taking a trip to my favorite candy store for a movie snack.)

Followed by birthday dinner at Zinburger on the patio during a monsoon.

Say cheese...

Then it was back to finish the celebration at home with my dog.  Sometimes I wonder why he loves Ben so much!!!


It was an awesome birthday time.  Happy birthday again, roo!


  1. LOVE the shoes, hope you bought them!!

  2. I love that you love candy so much! Also, all your s'mores recipes are killing me! They look SOOOO good!