Maternity Must Haves

Maternity Must Haves

These are some of my maternity must haves that I've loved over the past 9 months of pregnancy.  Just one more month to go, which is entirely insane to think of in itself!
  1. Equate's Baby Oil Gel  (Johnson & Johnson also makes some) - I have used this religiously on my belly and it is like baby oil but thicker, thus it absorbs and stays on your skin longer.  At 35 weeks, my stomach has never been dry!  I go to bed with it on and wake up with a still moist (hate that word) belly.  Be careful not to get this on clothes you love because like oil, it doesn't wash out easily if at all.  Always wear an undershirt or full panel after lubing up.  Or jammies.
  2. Full panel maternity - These polka dot shorts I bought on Zulily (good maternity option) so they are definitely sold out, but I bought many of my maternity jeans at Ross (only select Ross' have a maternity section).  Once I started to get bigger I completely stopped wearing my regular jeans because I didn't want to be reminded daily of how fast my body was changing (because it's so hard to imagine it ever going back).  Plus regular jeans are uncomfortable sitting at a desk while you are pregnant, so I opted to go straight to maternity.  Best decision ever.
  3. Wunder Under Crop yoga capris - I bought some of these a couple of sizes up when I first got pregnant so that they weren't super skin tight.  Now I still wear them all the time and they aren't too tight on my belly.  I like these ones because you don't have the Lulu Lemon logo at the bottom of the capri leg advertising to the world, but also because I can wear regular tops with them and they don't look fitnessy.
  4. Under Armour Endure Sports Bra - These are sooooo much easier to get on than regular sports bras and are super supportive for CrossFit (or running, etc.) that the days of doubling up are no longer.  The zipper bottom has never ever crossed my mind as being uncomfortable, but I also have numb ribs so that could have something to do with it.  I really don't think it's an issue unless you are running a long distance (then I'd probably put a barrier between it and my skin at the bottom of the zipper JIC).
  5. Gummy prenatal vitamins - I started out taking a specific 3 horse pills prenatal that my doctor had recommended, but I could NOT keep it down for the life of me.  It got so bad that if I looked at the countertop where I kept them, my stomach would flop.  My doctor had me try these gummies because they would do enough, and they are the winner for those with sickness that can't keep things down (and they're cheap!).
  6. CEP Compression Socks (or really any that you prefer, I still have not tried PRO but I do LOVE CEP) - I have been wearing these to work out in and although nearly impossible to put on right now, and completely impossible to get off by myself, it keeps swelling down which makes it worth the battle.  It also helps with varicose veins according to my doctor.  I also wear them while traveling/flying to help with circulation!
  7. Water Your Body free phone app - I should have started using this LONG ago, but it is a phone app that monitors your water intake.  I drink a lot while I work out, but I do not drink enough while absorbed in my work during the day!  You should be consuming 1/2 your body weight in ounces at least, per day.  The #1 cause of preterm labor is dehydration, and upping my water intake has drastically decreased my Braxton Hicks.  This app alarms to remind you to take a swig.  Mine's set every 30 minutes and the alarm is just a short sound of a cup being filled with water, and I don't have to pick up my phone or anything after the reminder goes off.  I just drink!
  8. Comfy wedges (if you "risk" your life with heels) - These Steve Madden Wanting wedges are, dare I say, the comfiest shoes I own right now!  I wear the crap out of them and they are my walking shoes.  These ones are still at the outlets, but I think they are sold out most places.  But there are a lot of similar ones (like the Wannabe) that are probably just as comfy, but will make you feel cute and help compensate for the horizontal growth.  ;)
  9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation - I've worn Bare Escentuals powder/pressed powder foundation for yeeeeears, but once I got pregnant my skin got even oilier (didn't know that was possible) and the foundation wouldn't stick, and then it would slide all around within an hour's time and look like complete crap.  I switched to this and I still dust a tiny bit of BE over top, but it has been a lifesaver and covers up my pregnant skin, whether a little or a lot needed that day.  I can even work out in it and it doesn't melt off.  THAT is a miracle makeup, especially considering the climate here in Arizona.
  10. Hydro Flask - The best for water consumption (to go along with #7)!  I can set this bottle in the 105 degree direct sunlight, and the ice still doesn't melt!  It is vacuum insulated so it will stay nice and cold alllllll day or night.  I carry it with me everywhere we go:  gym, church, out to dinner, shopping, Sunday drive, etc.  Ben has one that is from Under Armour that he has also loved over the years.


  1. Fun post! I definitely am on board with the full panel stuff, although it's hot as heck.

  2. Never wore compression socks, didn't think of that, but great idea!

  3. HA! I knew I saw all these things on your blog somewhere, that's why I messaged you all those dumb questions! You should've just been like, DUH! read my blog!