And pictures to go along with the story.

Here are lots of pictures (from multiple cameras) from Bentley's birthday and first days, to go along with the last post.  Having had a C section and Bentley being born after midnight on Saturday, we stayed in the hospital until Wednesday.  I was so glad because the first day we struggled with feeding and he lost 9.9% of his body weight by the second weigh in, and the pediatrician has you supplement formula when a baby hits 10%.  It was a stressful day, but we finally got it all figured out with some help, and Bentley gained 4 oz in almost a day!  He hasn't hit his birth weight yet, but he is very close at this point.  He weighed 6 pounds at his first pediatrician's appointment so he's out of the 5 pound range now, but still a tiny lil guy.

I was going to go all Photoshop fun crazy on these pictures, but let's face it, I don't have it in me right now.  But here they all are, all million of them...

We don't look tired at all.  :P

I have a bunch of great photos of him being pulled out, but I think below is the one you get to see.  :)  His little feet were tucked up on his shoulders.  It is crazy because my incision is only a few inches!

Looking at my baby boy for the first time:

Holding him for the first time.  Slightly loopy.

He always has his hands up at his mouth, including in his ultra sound images.  This is the position he was in my tummy and still loves to be held this way!  And if I'd let him now, he'd tuck his feet up by his head and duck his head down and go to sleep!

He loved his first bath:
If I recall, he met his uncle James first from our families.
 The first grandbaby!
Ben and I rotated our sleeping shifts.  Our hospital room was freaking huge and awesome.
 Bentley aced his first hearing test!  They measure his brain waves to low pitched noises (or something).

He had his first photo shoot on my hospital bed when he was 3 days old.
Headed home to begin our new family chapter.  OMG was I stressed on the drive.  Not to mention it was during "Hurricane Odile."
We do some tummy time to help wake him up for feedings.  He isn't a fan.  lol
Hand/s always up by his mouth or grabbing his binky.  He's even a thumb sucker at times.

And our family affair to his first pediatrician's appointment!  He is so darn cute I don't know what to do with myself.
I think that's it for all the pictures.  For now.