WordY Wednesday

Yesterday I finished my last full project for work that had to be done prior to my baby break.  It was the Polynesian Cultural Center if you've heard of it!  So it is starting to sink in that this time next week we will have a little baby boy and our lives will be so different than ever before.  Crazy talk.

My belly is so big.  It is 10x more basketball crazy without my shirt on.  I wondered how my 5'-2"+ frame would carry a baby at this point in pregnancy, and now I know...10' in front of me!!

^^I was all ready for the gym and ended up at Chipotle instead.  haha

We have done so many things to prepare, but the list is never ending, really...
  • Stock up on post surgery recovery items
  • Finalize baby photography plans - OMG I'm not spending 2k on a baby shoot are they crazy
  • Get Rykar on heartworm meds - that's something baby/dogs can share although very unlikely

  • Design birth announcement - lower on my priorities list, but still there!
  • Finish nursery decor - I had my brother in law draw some adorable MONKEYS after the cutest ones I could find were really expensive.  This is one he drew.

I never did find a good rug, and we haven't purchased the glider yet or a baby tub which I think we will want.  It's still TBD.  And I can't find a crib skirt that I like.  But oh well.  Trivial matters at this point.


I know it's ridiculously premature to be thinking about my fitness comeback considering I don't know if I'll have any motivation midst the lack of sleep, but I cannot help but want to set goals already and they EXCITE ME.  Even if I have to change them or just throw them out the window.

My #1 goal is to get back into running but VERY SLOWLY after I'm cleared by my doctor, probably 6 weeks post partum.  I'm super injury prone and I know I'll want to ramp it up once I'm feeling comfortable with bouncing [my insides].

This plan is slower in mileage increase which will be a perfect start in combo with Crossfit.

When I stopped running in the 2nd trimester, I had bad runner's knee.  I have not done much about it but not run and solely cross train, but I am fearful it'll come back if I'm not very careful with recovery.

Obviously running has been on my mind more lately.  Ben bought me a running charm for my nekked charm bracelet which I'm stoked about.  This is a horrible picture of it, but I love.


September is usually the end of the monsoon season (maybe mid September, I can't remember).  Well we had flooding a month ago and then on Monday we had a 100 year flood which put Phoenix in a state of emergency and shut down the schools.

It first started out as a haboob (thanks James for unknowingly allowing me steal your picture).

Then the rain started overnight.  I woke up with some contractions in the middle of the night, and I heard the crazy storm and thought, "I would go into labor during a monsoon."  But I didn't, they eventually stopped thank goodness.

This is the FREEWAY.

I know we live in either a 100 or 150 year flood zone, but we were lucky with our location both storms.  But I wanted to share some crazy pictures of this desert we live in.


6 days until baby day, unless he decides to flip.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Wow, that's serious flooding!! Glad you are ok. Weather can influence labor though! The night my contractions started, a cold front came through and temperatures dropped by 50F! I'm thinking about you every day and hope all goes well!!

  2. Crazy flooding pictures! Can't believe it!! And I love that monkey...so cute! So excited for you guys and can't wait to see pics and know the name of the little guy! Good luck on everything.

  3. Glad you are okay. I saw all of those floods all over the news. I can't wait for the baby to arrive. By the way, your BIL is a great artist. I love the picture!

  4. Those floods are so scary! Hope that's the last of those for a while!