One Month!

Bentley hit his one month earlier this week!  HOW?!  SO CUTE.

He recently weighed in at 7lbs 10 oz which puts him in the 6th percentile range.  He's tiny, but his weight gain is going well (especially lately the porker!).  In my baby book it says I was over 10lbs at one month.  ha
He's 21" long which puts him in the 27th percentile.
He's still wearing newborn everything.
He can focus in on objects and enjoys looking around.  He has even given us a non-gas induced smile or two.  :]
We have ventured out half a dozen times or so to different doctor appointments for him and for me!  Other than that, we are hibernating!!  Don't want Ebola...  so we stay home and I take a million pictures of him all day.  :P
We already broke up with his pediatrician.  Gah.  Bentley's not amused.
He was circumcised at 4 weeks by a urology specialist.  I highly recommend this because they numb it better and he didn't even cry!  It was a pretty painless experience THANK HEAVENS.
The past month has been the slowest yet quickest month of life.  Being parents has rocked our world more than we could have anticipated, and it has been soooo much fun, so exhausting, and such a learning curve.  I have never worried so much, felt so inadequate, yet so needed in my entire life.
Bentley was really colicky for a couple of weeks, but recently started going through a huge growth spurt (I cannot keep up with his outrageous appetite!!) and his fussing completely stopped!?  He's seemed to figure out day from night on his own, and he sleeps at night!  I hope this is a never ending phase.

A six day separation and I swear 1-1/2 lb difference!!
Over the past few weeks Ben would come home from work and I would go nap for a few hours before staying up all night with cute B.  It has been rough to not get to spend time together except for on the weekends, but now that Bentley is sleeping I'm hoping to change that!  I know we'll get back to spending our spare time together and get a schedule soon enough.  It is hard to not after almost six years of doing everything together.  I love you Ben!
Ben doing meal prep since I'm pretty much worthless.
We went on a date to get crab for my brother's 27th birthday!  B stayed home with grandpa and step-grams who came to visit!
Happy birthday brudda!!
Bentley is so cute and I could stare at him all day.
After a month, breastfeeding went from 110% perfect to my world's worst nightmare overnight.  We're still working through it, but holy pain.  My goal has been at least 6 months and I'm holding to it.
Our treadmill arrived!!  I'm excited to give it a shot when I'm cleared to return to fitness next week, then we will set some race goals.  Turkey Trot?
(Sorry for the blurrrry pics.)
That's basically what our month has looked like:  BENTLEY.  Month two will be pretty much the same, but also back to some other things like fitness and maybe venturing out a little bit.  We can't believe we're parents.  It's time to find our kid a Halloween costume.

For now Ben put up some Halloween lights.  We are so festive.  :]
Love this family of ours!!!


  1. I was waiting for this post! He is soo cute and growing!! Glad to hear he is sleeping much better and crying less! Sleeping at 1 month is AMAZING!! How does Baby B like the swing? We have the exact same one and Zoe is in love with it!! She still naps in there every day.

  2. Happy one month to your little one! Seems so fast (although as you say, not fast)! Also, love the treadmill!

    I have about 5 weeks left, though it seems like forever away.

  3. So glad he's feeling better! He is so stinking cute, and tiny. His one month stats are 3 oz and a half inch less than Coop's birth stats. Too cute! Congrats on surviving! Looking forward to watching him grow via the blog.

  4. You have such a rockstar husband!