Pregnancy Line Up + Push Gift

I forgot to post this video of Bentley.  The lady who took his pictures in the hospital brought this video to us and needless to say we bought the premium package after seeing it.  I can't believe how cute he is.

Here are the pictures from each week of pregnancy all put together.

^^I chuckle that I'm all ready in all of my weekly pictures until I hit 40 weeks.  So couldn't be more true.  :P

Awhile back I talked about a "push gift," which is something we'd never heard of but was brought to Ben's attention by one of his directors.  Um genius idea!!  Essentially it's a gift you give your wife for pushing out a freaking baby (however I had that part much easier. I had him pulled out of me.  HA.  C Section for the win).

I also mentioned we've had a treadmill fund going for a little while.  Well it's officially on its way and I'm STOKED AS.  I also should be cleared on the 29th to test it out.  Pretty stoked because I have a little bit of cabin fever.  Exhausted and all, I'm ready to run my little heart out.

I narrowed it down to the [overpriced] Nordic track Incline Trainer X9i and the ProForm Pro 9000 and ended up with the ProForm which you can purchase through Costco (thanks Christine for the awesome tip).  These treadmills are so fancy and allow you to type in any course route and watch it on the screen while the treadmill inclines/declines according to the terrain.  So you can run race courses to train for them!  I wonder if you can add the Great Wall of China Marathon course?  :P  Maybe we should just go run bleachers for that one.

On the Bentz front, we gave him his first bath on the 24th and he hated it.  I was afraid of making the water too hot that I think it was too cold.  :(

Ben bought a bath and we gave him another warmer one yesterday, and aside from getting out, he seemed to like it.

He is 23 days old today and my guess is he's hit 7 lbs.

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. That's a perfect push gift. Glad I could help :)

  2. Your maternity shots all lined up are so fun to see!

  3. I love the idea of putting all the pictures together! Love it! <3 I also love how your dog is in the last one. Beautiful pictures and you were such a cute pregnant lady!

  4. Love seeing the progression!! I haven't been on top of that, maybe taking one every few weeks or so. Anyway, awesome push present! I REALLY want something like that. Actually, a nice watch would be great too (hope someone gets the hint somehow) -- I can imagine that would be helpful instead of me whipping out my phone all the time, and I have broken all the cheap watches I've acquired in the past. Ah, well.

  5. You are so great at documenting things! Love this! B is absolutely darling!