4 Years

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary!  We are celebrating by doing nothing.  Haha!  Actually as a celebration [I just bought another pair of OTK boots heaven help me] we just didn't know what to do considering our little baby and our exhaustion levels still peaked, so we're celebrating low-key this year, but with the best gift ever...Bentley!

Last night around eight Ben asked if I remembered that moment four years ago, wedding eve.  I do!  I had just gone through the last session at the Bountiful temple and was driving to SLC to pick up my polished ring while everybody ate dinner together.  I obviously had to have the ring for the morning wedding and they would only release it to Ben or me.  Ben was in pain and so drugged that he stayed behind with family in town.

It was a rush rush rush kind of wedding's eve and I didn't even get two hours of sleep that night!  But it was soooo fun and memorable.  Like getting my hair done at 3am.  Or buying a pack of Monsters at 5am for our siblings.  MEMORIES.

Here is to a million more years.  I love you mister Ben!!


  1. Awwww happy anniversary!! We did the same thing this year (our 1st anniversary) since Zoe was 2 months old :) We have so much in common!!

  2. Happy anniversary! We also got married in November! :)