Family and a 5k

My sister drove into town to visit, and to run the Illuminations 1/2 Marathonso Ben and I decided to run the St. Nick at Night 5k (the same race, just the shorter distance...with a different name).  My dad flew into town and he opted to watch B3 and spectate with my bro.  It was a night race which is perfect for all of us evening runners!  FUN.

I was stoked to run even though I knew it could be rough, but it went great!  My only goal, aside from finishing, was to have negative splits.  I had no idea what my pace would be, but it was often dictated by the bottlenecks.  My splits were:  10:54, 10:03, 9:24.

Towards the end, Ben and I both missed a 5k turn off (it was a bit confusing), so we ended up running our own distances.  The course could've used a little extra sign-age.

Ben ran a 30:16 and his GPS caught 3.66 miles, but I think he ran closer to 4+ miles total because his watch pace splits were:  6:54, 7:07, 7:05 and 14:05.  I don't think Ben could run a 14:05 pace if he tried!  The weird thing is he still got 1st in his AG and I got 8th.  So.... ?

Below are my stats:

It has been a long time since I have contributed to the medal collection that I am very excited.

My dad was in heaven watching lil B.  It was low 60s/high 50s, basically freezing by Arizona standards so everybody was bundled up like winter, but it was good running weather!

I didn't get any pictures, but Jolie ran a 2:02 which was awesome on that course.

That night we had a slumber party at our house with the fam and we all got up to go to 9am church.  It was our first time back and B's first time ever so he wore his lil tux.  Its so fun to bring him around!!

As seen on the way to church...

The new Phoenix, Arizona, LDS temple opened up just a week ago.  It is gorgeous.


Earlier I stopped at the dealer since we drive by it all of the time.  The salesmen loved Bentley and insisted I come inside for a picture in front of a really nice Bentley.  haha  (They're all the same to me!)  B's name really has nothing to do with the car.  If we were naming after a car we liked, it'd probably be Porsche.  :P

Poor B doesn't have a say in anything he does these days.  And same with Rykar.  Haha being a mom is SO FUN.

We love this time of year!  If I can wake up, we may be running a Turkey Trot this week too.  B's pediatrician gave us the go-ahead for stroller running.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Good job on the race! Yeah for stroller Running. I still have Zoe in the car seat on the stroller, right now it helps to keep her warm. We run in 30s,its freezing here!

  2. Nice! I'm looking forward to getting out there again. Seems impossible! Hopefully my little guy will cooperate so I can dress him up before the holiday season ends!