If you want to be happy. Be.

Friday favorites (on a Wednesday no less).  Things that make life happy:

We sat on our driveway and Bentley slept through his first Halloween while we gave out candy.  He was Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. while Rykar was a cowgirl again.  Poor dog.  lol

Ben wore his retro suit to work, and I showered and got dressed.  HA

My new boots.  Finally I got on the over-the-knee trend boat.

Zombie Bentley makes Ben super happy.  They used to stay up together and watch Walking Dead on Netflix while I napped, but then they finished them all.  Next year hopefully we can all be zombies and do the Zombie Walk like last year.

(below = last year)

My latest charm for my bracelet represents September Bentley!

These pens Ben bought me at Costco.  Forget redlines.  How about pinklines or purplelines.

My handsome boys chillin' on the couch.

This.  Need I say more?  Haha

Spending the mornings with these two champs.  When Bentley used to cry, Rykar would just look at me all distressed like, "mom!! make him stop!"  Now he's more used to it, and luckily the crying is significantly LESS than those first couple of weeks.  They're pals already.

Mini Mtn. Dew.  I don't drink coffee and I'm refraining from overdosing on my artificially sweetened Crystal Light Energy and my beloved Monsters (haven't had one since last year!) while nursing.

This.  Being a mommy is amazing.  I love it more everyday.

My brother's cover of "Glorious."

And this book which will have me running 3x weekly and CrossFitting at least 2.

Meanwhile I'm so sore from Monday's workout that I can hardly walk...

Have a wonderful, happy Wednesday!!


  1. Great post! I got a manicure and pedicure last weekend, that made me happy :)

  2. Bentley is so cute! I love his costume. Your boots are cute too. Maybe I can go over the knee...

  3. Awesome!!!
    Being a mom is just sheer fantastic! Crazy hard work. But proud work!