Remember Remember the Month of November

I have been wrapping the boys up because winter has arrived and we're chilly as.

Then the news showed the actual definition of chilly.  OMG.  Poor Buffalo, New York.
^^I think I'd be shoveling my roof!

I dug out a TBT pic of the snow of '94 when I lived in Layton, Utah.  I really enjoyed the snow until I started driving in it and we lived in a hilly area. 

This weekend my family and I are running a "winter" race (most of us 5k, a couple 1/2s).  It's a night race and covers much of a golf course.  I have been trying to ease my legs/body into it all, thus have had multiple portions of me incredibly sore for the past three weeks, so it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  The most I've done is 2.5 miles so my goal is to just finish.

I've also been CrossFitting and Ben came and watched my class with our little nugget which was so fun!  Ben would walk around and set Bentley down by me and snap some pics.  If you look closely he has a Mickey Mouse beanie on.  :D

A couple nights this week Bentley decided to wake up a LOT (hello 30 minutes of sleep).  It felt like the first month of newborn-ism with the exhaustion levels I've been at, so yesterday I bit the bullet and went on a little operation caffeine NOW.

Did you know there is a Mountain Dew Lemonade?  It's delicious.  Not anywhere Monster ballpark, but it'll do.  (I took this pic just for this post.  Ha.  I guess it happens when you just sit connected to your pump-in-style for 3+ hours a day.  [Hurry up and wait.])

Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mom and that Ben and I created someone so incredibly adorable.  It has been the most terrifying thing I've done, especially when I put him down for bed/naps... I hope that part gets less terrifying as he gets older (which is why we use this baby movement monitor which I highly recommend because I always know he's breathing).

I have absolutely loved being a mommy to B3 and we think he is the cutest!

He discovered his tongue.  :P

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!  TGIaF.

P to the S.  I am out of bday giftcard $ so the boot madness shall stop, but these are the latest ones and I love love them:

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  1. Aww he is the cutest!! Good for you for working out and running already! And your first?! Woohoo!!! :) Good luck! Your "winter" is awesome. Can we switch? We had 20s today - not at night - DURING the day!!!