Tis the season...already.

Our days are slowly becoming more routine and "normal" lately.  I finally feel like we're coming out of this fog of newborn-new-parents-OMG-I'm-clueless stage, and we're starting to insert our typical life patterns back into our days.

I've started to workout again, Bentley and I have a pretty good pattern at night that usually includes a little bit of sleep, I'm learning to juggle part time work and motherhood, and we're soaking up B as much as possible because he is growing so fast.  He is getting so CHUBBY.

Last week Ben took some time off work so we ventured out for realtime and went to Scottsdale Quarter to do a little shopping and eat at Perk Eatery which was on Diners Drive Ins and Dives (S17E3) and we LOVE.  I have a lot more anxiety as a mother when it comes to driving or bringing B out and about and I only hope that it gets better and not worse as time goes on.

Our weather has been so nice and really hasn't gotten too cold yet.  I think we've been hanging out in the low 80s.

I've become a boot-a-holic lately and have to stop myself from buying all of these boots to add to my rather humble shoe collection.  I think it's probably because [for a minute] I'm not wearing my heels as often while I'm carrying my sweet baby boy around without Ben.  I bought these guys too:

How cute are THESE below:

It's hot air balloon season and on our way home we saw one that was a leeeetle close to the mountain which I'm not sure if that was planned or not. I love seeing them all over but I don't think I'd ever get in one because I choose life.

This (below) also happened this weekend!!  As my cousin Lacey would say, "we're those people."  I suppressed my desire to put it up the day after Halloween, but we've officially decked the halls.  Our house smells the part, looks the part, sounds the part and feels like the holiday season.  T-3 weeks until we have family here for Thanksgiving!  Our first Arizona family Thanksgiving.

^I love how the treadmill is right THERE.  Ha

This weekend we signed up for my first post partum race!  It's only a 5k but in <2 weeks so even at that I'm a little worried.  lol  My sister and dad will be in town so it'll be awesome.

I downloaded a new running log and haven't quite decided on a race to work towards yet, but hopefully soon I can set some goals after I have some time to assess my fitness levels.  (You can download the original log here.)

I'm so anxious to get back to everything pre-pregnancy as far as fitness goes.  I seriously suck at being patient.

Have a nice week!


  1. Driving alone will get better, but I still worry if I leave for a drive that is longer than 1 hour. SO much can change with a baby in 1 hour :) LOVE the boots!!

  2. Love those boots! Weather isn't holding steadily cool enough to wear them often, though!

    And wow, 5k already. I have my first 5K lined up for 3.5-4 months post-partum, which I'm not even planning on running. I want to be ABLE to run 5k by then, but I'll take things one day at a time. I'm so ridiculously out of shape! Look forward to reading your experience!

  3. The baby is getting so cute and he always looks so serious. You are way ahead of the game with the Christmas decor already up. Good luck at your first post partum race!

  4. Love "those people"! Ha. Are you so very excited for Bentley's first Christmas? He gets cuter every time you post!