An Arizona Thanksgiving


It was so wonderful!  We hosted in our home for the first time.  The turkeys were pit roasted (I think that is the proper terminology) from Thatcher (THANK YOU), and honestly, I think that's the only turkey that I actually look forward to eating.  SO GOOD.  

Ben chef'd up 90% of the rest of Thanksgiving.  He likes to do it and he's an excellent cook!  If I was in charge we'd all end up at Mimi's Cafe.

Which we did.  

On Thanksgiving day.

Our family Thanksgiving celebration was the Saturday after.  My mom plays the piano every Thanksgiving day so we postponed our celebration.

We, mostly they^^, played card games, we watched Home Alone, which 1 and 2 are my favorite movies on the planet (although I only scored 90% on the Home Alone quiz), we hung out and it was so great to be together.  I am just so thankful for our families along with so much more.  Like, the opportunity to be a mom to our little baby boy.  He brings so much joy into our home.

Ben and I missed our Turkey Trot because I got next to no sleep that night.  Bentley recently started rolling over in his crib so I have stopped swaddling his arms, and now those flailing limbs keep him awake.  :/  He's slowly re-adjusting and did much better last night.  He still has some of the startle reflex.  But PROGRESS.

Trying to be cool...

We went to church and got to sing Christmas hymns = my favorite.  B wore a vest/tie onesie that my brothers wore 20 and 27 years ago.  So cute.  We have a box of baby/toddler clothes that Ben wore and I am so excited to bust them out.


We went through a lot of model homes and for a small second I half considered moving again.  It just sounds like so much work but some of these models are so amazing!  It is a fun and free activity that leaves you [coveting] inspired.

The pose.

Everybody has since gone back home with exception to my wonderful ma who is helping around here this week.  :]

This picture cracks me up.  B wanted to bury his face.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love seeing model houses! But oh so dangerous :) BTW, your baby B needs to come to my house to show Zoe how to roll over! She still doesn't do it