Monday Musings - 3 Days Until Christmas!!

This boy.  He kills us!!

I wanted to get him used to sunglasses sooner than later.  Apparently he has no problem with them and his cousin Eddie beanie.  We bought him a suit for his blessing that's coming up and also had to buy him all sorts of other cute things (like winter apparel!  and Chucks!).

We took him on our first family run which was our own version of a "Jingle Bell Run," since most Saturdays I still opt to take a morning nap since Ben is home!

We tried out the jumper for the first time.  If I put it on the very lowest, he can touch the ground.  haha!

Hi little buddy!

I have a feeling a lot of his naps are going to be on me for the next week or so.  But I'm okay with that.  He has grown so much in just three months that I am realizing people were SO RIGHT.  Soak it in.  

Somebody told me, "don't wait for the next.  enjoy every moment."

Our little baby boy is HUGE now.

We went to Kierland Commons and I wanted to have his picture with Santa but the line was so long and it was freezing.  I feel like such a crappy mom but Ben assures me B has no idea.  haha

But there are still a couple of days left to hunt down Santa...

I also got a new hairdo that will first require me to learn HOW to do it.

Yes Halo you are much more affordable than Socap!!  ;)

Well I can't believe there are 3 days until Christmas.

I'm going to miss everything about it including my choice of pen colors.  :]

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!


  1. He is growing so fast! It's hard to "soak it in" when you're in the thick of it, but it really is true, and I already am scrambling to move his clothing size up. Thank goodness for cameras!

  2. Oh your little guy is so cute! That pic of him in the Bumbo with sunglasses is classic!!! My little baby is 4 months old now and he is growing up way too fast. I'm trying to enjoy every single second! I love your cute haircut too!!!

  3. I thought that was a doll at first! Your little boy is just too cute! I love your hair and you are looking actually fabulous! Are you sure you just had a baby?