2015 - Fitness Goals!

I've struggled with setting fitness goals for this year because I'm not sure what I want to do or what I'm capable of doing without sacrificing my precious family time and sleep.  My priorities have somewhat changed, but not so much that I'll ignore my love for running/fitness!  I'll just tone it down for the time being.

...even if right now working out is not terribly fun to do because I'm not in the best of shape and it's all HARD.

When baby boy no longer wants to eat every two hours at night then I think my daily motivation won't be so forced.  I LOVE setting goals that push me, along with reading running /fitness blogs for some extra motivation, so I went ahead and set a couple anyways!

So presenting, my 2015 health & fitness goals!:

  • run 500 miles
  • get my abs into shape
  • adopt the 3+2 program (3x run, 2x CF)
  • adopt a weekday clean eating lifestyle (aka avoid the sugar/ basically go Paleo...I know right?  Heaven help me.  Sugar is one of my basic food groups.)
  • Get to China trained but injury free
The Great Wall of China [Half] Marathon will be AWESOME but will definitely require training that includes some bleachers (read: 4000 steps/stairs!!).  After the race I will set some specific race goals for the fall.  I would love to run another full marathon but I cannot find one that looks "perfect," so perhaps next spring?  California?

^^ SLC marathon!  Gah, I was SO fatigued.  Haha!  What a fun day.

Ben and I have talked on numerous occasions about finding a big marathon back east to train and do together, maybe for an anniversary trip!  Chicago?  NYC?  Boston one day! #moms4boston

But like I said, re-evaluate after China!

Happy fit 2015!!


  1. Marine corps marathon in DC and then we can meet!

  2. I can't believe you're going to China!! LUCKY!!

  3. Nice goals! Mine are not nearly as lofty. The two hr eating thing is definitely an obstacle!